NHL Expansion Again?

The NHL just recently added a new team the  Vegas Golden Knights which made the total teams jump to 31. Now shortly after this addition plans of Seattle spending 600 million to improve KeyArena have come out. KeyArena is the former home of the Seattle Supersonics and current home of the Seattle Storm. Could this arena be used for a joint venue for a hockey team and basketball team?

Seattle was one of the cities vying to get an NHL expansion team last year and it seems they are back at it again and looking to fill an updated arena with either an NHL squad, an NBA team or even both. The renovations won’t be completed until 2020 as long as the city of Seattle approves the work to be done. Now that is still three years away but putting in for an expansion team is a time consuming process and it’s best to start the process as early as possible.

I’m all for another expansion team in the NHL, expansion drafts are fun and it finally fixes the NHL’s problem of having an uneven amount of teams in each conference. Adding an NHL team would largely benefit Seattle in producing jobs and revenue. The NHL is looking to expand again so it is a win-win situation. If Seattle is able to add either an NHL or NBA team it looks like the other would follow along as they would look to fill out the arena.

NHL teams might actually be annoyed having to go through the expansion draft again but everybody else enjoys watching it. By creating more teams in the NHL you can grow the fan bases of the league to areas that had previously not been explored like Seattle and Vegas. League expansion is a positive idea and largely benefits the expansion city and the profits of the league. I can’t wait for the Seattle Sparrows. (Made up team name suggestion)

Written By: Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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