The NBA Needs the Bubble

This is not good.

With COVID cases continuing to remain high across the country, the NBA decided to start its season with a full travel schedule: teams will all be spending the (slightly shortened) 72 game seasons in their home courts, besides the Toronto Raptors. Somehow, this decision was made AFTER the success of the Orlando Bubble at the end of the 2019-20 season. The NBA decided to take the risk in order to allow players to stay with family and possibly allow some fans to catch the games, depending on each state’s restrictions. Now, the NBA might be dealing with a major outbreak

The Numbers

Before this recent wave, 63 players tested positive for COVID during the 2020-2021 NBA season. That number is based on reports of 48 positive tests when the league started back up on Dec. 2nd, 8 on Dec. 10th, and two on Dec. 24th. Now, we have five 76ers players, seven Celtics players, four Mavericks players, and contact tracing issues with the Heat. That’s not a good sign, and things could get worse if we find out that players on teams like the Wizards, who went up against the Celtics prior to the tests coming out, have also been infected. It’s very possible this could get out of hand soon.

The Bubble 2: Electric Boogaloo

Now, I certainly understand the mental toil the bubble creates, keeping players separated from spouses and children, but if the NBA wanted to keep its players safe while still playing games, they should have started this season in the bubble as well. As it is, they still have a chance to make it happen again. The facilities are still available for use, and the league has the logistical blueprint to make it work again.

Again, I’m not saying this would the preferred option for the players, as I’m sure the situation of the summer was tough for them, but if we want to see basketball played before the vaccine comes out, I believe this to be the best option for it. We’ve seen that allowing teams to play across the country has resulted in a high number of positive tests, and for the health and safety of the players (in regards to COVID) this is what needs to happen.

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