Does Mike Tomlin Have A Future In Pittsburgh?

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Wild Card games.  After the brutal 48-37 loss, rumors swirled that Ben Roethlisberger played his last game and that the team was heading toward a much anticipated rebuild.  But one looming question that everyone is wondering is, what do they do with Mike Tomlin?  Honestly, I think Tomlin is a good coach.  Not really great but not terrible like Adam Gase, Bruce Arians, or Mike McCarthy.  He’s a solid coach he has been blessed with a top 10 QB his entire career and a load of talent.  Not to mention he does have a Super Bowl win under his belt.

But if you’re Tomlin, do you really want to go through a rebuild?  I think the answer is no.  It’s looking more and more certain that Roethlisberger is done and Mason Rudolph is by no means the guy.  So now you’re going to have a pretty young team led by a young rookie QB.  Which is fine but it’s definitely not ideal for Tomlin.  So let’s say Tomlin and Pittsburgh part ways this off-season.  Who are some teams that could use him?

I think the first two answers are Houston and Philadelphia.  Houston for obvious reasons.  You have Deshaun Watson who is growing more and more unhappy and bringing in a guy like Tomlin might cause that anger to go away.  I mean I’d be bullshit too if Bill O’Brien wasted years off my career.  Not to mention, I think Nick Caserio and Tomlin could be a good pair.  The problem in Houston before was that Bill O’Brien was running everything and he’s a moron.  I also think Tomlin knows how to build around a QB with a monster arm and is mobile.  The Big Ben you see now wasn’t who he always was.  He could move a little bit for what I can remember and he still has an arm.  And Ben always had a great receiving and running back core to work with, and Houston can be a Steelers 2.0.

The other team is Philadelphia.  Who knows what they are doing.  Doug Pederson wanted to get fired since they let Foles go, and I’m also convinced he never watched game film but instead just ran a continuous loop of the Philly Special play.  Anyway, same thing I said about Houston is what Philly can be and not to mention I think they have the better roster.  But does Tomlin want to roll the dice with Jalen Hurts?  I like Hurts but is that the guy in Philly?  You have to assume yes because Wentz is out but this draft is extremely deep at the QB position and I think there’s a lot of guys who are better than Hurts in this draft.

If I’m Tomlin I might be thinking my time in Pittsburgh is over.  You have done all you can but every team has a rebuild, it’s inevitable.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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