The NBA Finals is Warriors Cavs and Nobody is Excited

For the fourth straight year, we get to see Lebron take on the Warriors. For the fourth straight year, the Warriors should be beating the Cavs. Lebron was lucky 2 seasons ago to get the win with Draymond getting suspended. Nonetheless, this sucks. Every single NBA fan I’ve talked to is beyond pissed they have to watch the same thing for the fourth straight year.

Celtics and Rockets: What Went Wrong?

The Celtics and Rockets had one job each; not to let the same boring NBA Finals happen again. Only 1 of them had to pull through too. Warriors Celtics or Rockets Cavs would have been fine. But both had to shut down at home in each respective game 7 and lose. Boston lost its game 7 on Sunday night. After hopping out to a great lead early on, nobody made any shots. For some reason, the team stopped feeding Al Horford in the paint even though in 6 paint touches for him he went 4-4 and drew two fouls. Terry Rozier absolutely sucked and missed any shot he took. Lebron had an amazing game as expected and sent Boston on vacation.

Houston on the other hand, shot themselves in the foot. The Rockets should have won their game last night and blew it away. They had a double-digit halftime lead at home and still lost. In the midst of losing, Houston missed an NBA playoff record 27 straight 3’s. When they weren’t hitting their threes they should’ve worked it into the paint and never really did. James Harden is gonna be this league’s MVP and he didn’t show up in the way he needed to. In the end, the basketball gods didn’t want a new NBA Finals just yet.

Is it Worth Watching?

I’m not excited to watch this series if it’s going to be everything that we expect it to be. Since a sweep would be bad for the NBA, I assume the refs will give Lebron 1 game and the Warriors will win in 5 games again. Adding insult to injury, Kevin Love might not play in game 1. Boston could have at least played formidable defense against the Warriors. Now we’re stuck with JR Smith and Jeff Green defending the Warriors sharpshooters. The only way this series can be redeemed for me is if Lebron does the impossible and beats the Warriors. He’s gonna need to average 55 points a game for that to happen though. I just pray that the 2018-2019 NBA season isn’t nearly as predictable.

-Brandon Black ()

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