The Mighty Ducks Game Changers: Quack, Quack, Quack the Ducks are Back… Sorta

This article will be an ongoing series looking at The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers show. Article might contain spoilers. 

Growing up, the Mighty Ducks was one of my go-to movies. The Gordon Bombay-led Mighty Ducks have finally been rebooted and this time from the big screen to the Disney+. 

The new show which focuses on the popular Mighty Ducks teams from the early 90’s. However, the Ducks are now a powerhouse within their division. In addition, they have become incredibly selective on who they pick for their team. 

This sounds reminiscent of the hyper-competitive Hawks team from D1 led by coach Jack Reilly.

First Two Episodes

The cast of the new Disney series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

In the first episode the Dylan Playfair from LetterKenny is the new coach of the powerhouse Ducks. Coach T, ends up cutting this series version of Charlie Conway in 12-year-old Brady Noon who plays Evan Morrow. 

In light of being cut, Morrow decides to create his own hockey team.  They would be called the “Don’t Bothers”. The new team is an attempt to bring kids together who never get the chance to play.

Team of Misfits

After recruiting the school misfits to join his team, Morrow and his new team are extremely reminiscent to when the Ducks formed in the 1992 original movie.

Nick who’s played by Maxwell Simkins is a podcaster turned hockey player. Simkins helps bring the comedic side that Morrow lacks and helps form the Don’t Bothers. 

They recruit a online gamer in Koob, who is sitting in his mom’s basement playing hockey. He is one of the top ranked goalies online but in contrast looks like Goldberg from the movie series. 

Keifer O’Reilly plays Logan, a kid who resembles “Cake Eater” Adam Banks. He just moved from Toronto, Canada and is eager to get on the ice. The young teenager has expensive high-end equipment which leads Morrow to think he can play. In all actuality, Logan can’t skate and ultimately fits right in with the Don’t Bothers. 

New Coach

The team is led by Lauren Graham who plays Alex Morrow, the mom of Evan Morrow. Graham goes from the Gilmore Girls to the ice as the new Bombay of the series.

The television mom has a Karen-like moment with the Coach T after she learns her son was cut from the team. And within the first two episodes, she channels her inner coach Bombay with not knowing how to lead a group of kids.The comparison to Bombay is extremely cliché but that’s what makes the Ducks what they are.

Coach Bombay

Bombay is featured within the first two episodes as an owner of an ice rink on the brink of closing. The former coach has the bravado that he hates hockey and kids. However, he is looking for a way to keep the rink open.

When Morrow comes to Bombay about the use of his rink he balks. But, when she shows him how much money she can give to him for the rink he changes his tune.

The former coach of the Ducks has a tough exterior again and pretends he doesn’t care about hockey or the Don’t Bothers. Throughout the first two episodes of the show, Bombay begins to break out his shell and lend advice to Morrow and her son.

Final Take

In conclusion, the one thing fans appreciated from the movie series was the Ducks were always the underdogs. However, the series has turned them into the villains.

I love an underdog story, in fact who doesn’t? The series already has a predicable theme with how the story will be told. The Don’t Bothers will be terrible, gel as a team and more importantly go on to beat the Ducks.

In other words, we’ve seen this before, unless Disney has something up their sleeves.

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