The Masters Will Have No Spectators In November

Today, Augusta National and The Masters announced that no fans or spectators will be present for the event set to be held in November.

People are saying this comes as a surprise.  Ahhh no, it really doesn’t.  I think sports for the most part are going to have no fans for the rest of 2020 and even early 2021.  Maybe our first glimpse at going to a game again will be baseball in 2021.

But today, the Masters will officially have no fans.  I think the anticipation is there and what everyone thought was going to happen.  The PGA Championship had no fans, the US Open will have no fans, and shit the British Open even cancelled.  We’re lucky enough to even get the Masters.  Personally, I’m not sure how much the fans actually play into the match.  Of course you want them on your side and the place would have erupted at Morikawa’s drive on 17.  But golf doesn’t need fans to succeed.  This however is very different than NFL and the whole NCAA.

As long as the PGA continues to get A+ sponsors and continues with the amazing coverage it’s been getting, everything will be fine.  This weekend’s event, The Wyndham Championship, has a pretty solid field.  But it’s a major hangover and I am going to be a reasonable person and stay away from this.  Any event the week after a major is fucking impossible to pick.  You have guys going out there just to practice and prove they can still play after getting their hearts ripped out (I’m looking at you Jordan).  Overall it has a solid field. It should be fun to watch. But, I don’t have any picks for you today.

-John (Uncle_Mac4)


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