The Los Angeles Rams Are Stupid

Today, the Los Angeles Rams gave Brandin Cooks a five-year, $80M contract extension.



To start this off, I just want to say that I like Brandin Cooks. His one year here in New England was solid. I have nothing against him. However, I do not think he is worth 80 million dollars by any stretch of the imagination.

He showed all of us countless times during last year that he can not be relied on as a number-one wide receiver. He’s a secondary option at best. So how on earth can you lock up a guy like that for five years at that kind of money? His yearly average is on par with Antonio Brown ($17M per year), who is one of the best wideouts of our generation. If he ever had contract talks with the Pats, I bet they laughed in his face when he gave them that number.

Not to mention the Rams still haven’t locked up Aaron Donald long-term, who might be the best defensive football player on the planet right now. Those two sides have been disputing over a contract for what feels like three years now. What does this deal tell him? THAT’S the guy you’re supposed to be paying out of the nose for, not Brandin Cooks. Again, nothing against Cooks and his game. I like him as a deep threat, and if LA had a number one receiver on the roster this deal would maybe make a little more sense, but they don’t. I guarantee he gets traded before the contract is up in five years.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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