The Los Angeles Clippers Have Finally Made A Western Conference Final

Finally, the Los Angeles Clippers have made it to a Western Conference Final. I am beyond excited and happy for this team especially after last year’s collapse against Denver. This was something that the majority of basketball fans didn’t believe would happen, but here we are. The Clippers are taking on the Phoenix Suns on Sunday for Game One of the Western Conference Final. Here are things that I want to discuss when it comes to the Clippers.

The Clippers Made a Western Conference Final Despite Kawhi’s Injury

Kawhi’s injury was to be the dagger in the Los Angeles Clippers title hopes. When the news broke of Kawhi being out for game five with a knee injury my heart dropped. Then reading later on that it looked to be a potential ACL injury, boy I was not ready to be hurt like this again. The Clippers before last night were 0-8 in eight chances of making it to the Western Conference Final. Kawhi’s injury is a big blow to this team, because like Paul George said Kawhi is the best player on this team. With the loss of not having him is a big time loss for the Clippers. With not having him in the next round, we will have to focus on what this team needs to in order to succeed.

Next Mann Up

Last night’s win will forever be known as the Terance Mann Game. Terance Mann was inserted into the starting five in game five after the Kawhi injury. He has stepped up in a huge way especially having a career high 39 points last night. The Clippers as a team last night played one of the best team basketball games that I have seen in a while. Game five was all about how dominant Paul George was. last night was a team win. The Jazz have the reigning and three time defensive player of the year in Rudy Gobert and he was a defensive liability.

This Clippers lineup last night had guys like Reggie Jackson who has produced the majority of the post season, Nicolas Batum looked to be on his way out of the league at this time last season. Terance Mann who was a second round pick in the 2019 NBA draft and was not expected to be performing on this stage like he did last night. This is a special group and these last two nights they have really went with the next man up motto.

Thoughts On Western Conference Final Matchup

I will give my full detailed opinion about what I think will happen in the Western Conference Final tomorrow. Last word for my thoughts on this Clippers team is this. Playoff P is here, and Doc Rivers was wrong about him.

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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