The LeBron-Jordan Debate Didn’t Get Any Closer

Last night LeBron James won his 4th NBA Championship as the LA Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in game 6 of the NBA Finals.  LeBron was named his fourth Finals MVP and the GOAT debated immediately surfaced on Twitter and ESPN.  I’m going to say this once and one time only… Michael Jordan is still the GOAT, and no the gap didn’t get any closer.

As much as I hate LeBron, I will give him credit where credit is due.  He is a top 5 player ever, has one of the biggest Finals upsets of all time, and brought two sorry franchises to legit NBA champs.  He has nothing else left to accomplish, except the coveted GOAT throne that Jordan has sat on since the 1990s.  If you went on Twitter or read that ESPN article today, people are going to try to tell you he’s moved closer to surpassing Jordan and some might even say he already has, but all of those are wrong.  There’s a few simple reasons I use for this argument, and you have to cross off the “Jordan played in an easy era!”  Yes, the era was so easy it was filled with all-time basketball players and legit physically exhausting series.

Jordan and LeBron have both had to fight their way through dominate players.  Jordan had Magic and Bird, the 90s Pistons, and let’s not forget the Utah Jazz who have two players who are both in the top 3 of their respective positions.  LeBron as we know had to battle the big three Celtics, the Spurs, and let’s not forget the Warriors 5 year stretch.  Neither of those are easy, so let’s throw that out.

But the two big ones are rings (yea no shit) and just the whole argument itself.  As we know, six rings are more than four rings.  It’s a no shit statement, but I can’t tell you how many times people bring up that the rings don’t matter… ok then what the fuck are you playing for then??  Of course the rings count and should 100% be used in this argument.  Jordan never went 4-6, he was a perfect 6-0.  Now I get it, LeBron did will that 07 Cavs team to a Finals but a loss is a loss.

Next is the whole argument itself.  When we talk about who the GOAT is everyone uses the benchmark of Jordan.  It can’t be a coincidence that we all do this.  You never, ever hear someone start that convo with LeBron as the benchmark.  I have never heard “Well LeBron is looking down to Jordan.”  Maybe it’s because Jordan is retired, but he’s the benchmark and first person always mentioned in GOAT debates for a reason.  The gap didn’t get closer, it didn’t even move.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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