The Interest Kings Options Remaining in Free Agency

Imagine this. You’re interested in every single available free agent and you’re always the bridesmaid, never the braid. Where have we seen this before? Oh right…the 2020-2021 Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox continue to show interest in all of these free agents, but yet they can’t finish the deal. Time is running short and the Red Sox haven’t done much. But, there are still some free agents that are available for the Red Sox to swipe in and sign.

Kike Hernandez

The Red Sox have been linked up to Kike Hernandez for quite awhile now. This is the type of signing that isn’t breaking the bank. He’s a guy that can take care of second base for the time being so Jeter Downs can continue to slowly develop. You’re not going to go with a guy like Michael Chavis because he doesn’t have a natural position at the moment. So why not bring in a guy with a good glove and has won a World Series?

Jake Odorizzi

This is a guy the Red Sox should be pursuing aggressively. They desperately need starting pitching, especially a righty. Odorizzi was an All-star in 2019 AND he has pitched in the American League East before. Where did he pitch before? Tampa Bay. Who was in Tampa Bay for years and saw Odorizzi up close? Chaim Bloom. This needs to happen. Because honestly, who else is out there on the market for starters?

Jackie Bradley Jr.

I can’t believe I’m actually typing this. To be honest, I’m just not a Jackie Bradley guy. But at this point, the OF is particularly thin. JBJ can take care of CF, as long as you’re okay with somebody hitting .240-.260 at best every year. However, JBJ is one of the better players on the market. Might as well resign him too, right?

In Conclusion

Sign someone that will help you, please? That would be nice. Right now, this Red Sox team needs everything to go right just to get back to the playoffs. I don’t know if the 2022 free agency class will be better. But at this point, your team is going up against a Rays team that just made the World Series, a Yankee team that’s retooling, and a Blue Jays team that’s on the come up. Start making things happen, Red Sox!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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