The Inconsistent Celtics

Every time I post about the Celtics I state the same thing: This team is starting to look a lot like last years. I do think that this year’s team is a little different from last years due to the starting line up, but the Celtics have a one man scoring disaster. Last years Celtics team was headed by IT who scored a majority of their point every night. This year Kyrie Irving has taken that role and no one seems to want to step up as a consistent number two scoring option.

The Celtics just need that second player to average about 18-20 points a game and they will be so much better. Not to mention every time the C’s go up against a team with an above average Center/Power Forward, they get destroyed on the boards. Also if you think Al Horford should be an starter on the All -Star team, then you do not watch basketball. Horoford is a decent player and all, but is most certainly not talented enough to be a top fiver player in the East. Horford might actually make the team as a reserve depending if he is picked or not. 

The Celtics are not in trouble since the rest of the Eastern conference besides the Raptors and Cavaliers are terrible, but it does not look to good for them right now. I understand that players are tired and the All -Star break is approaching, so I hope the Celtics can rest up and make a dominate run to close out the season.

I was big on trading for Anthony Davis this season and it does not look like we will be getting him this year. What the C’s can do is go out and get another big man like Marc Gasol. Not only is he a seasoned veteran, but he can actually score points (something Baynes can not do). Imagine a line up of Irving, Gasol, Horford, Tatum, and Brown.It may not be the blockbuster trade everyone is looking for, but Marc Gasol would significantly improve the Celtics starting lineup. However, I do not think the Celtics can put together a trade package that would satisfy the Grizzlies. Plus there are talks around the league about a Kevin Love/ Marc Gasol trade. 

I expect the Celtics to get back on track against a young Lakers team tonight in LA. The team has had some rest and they should be ready to go. Look out for a blow out win tonight.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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