The Giants Should Hire Josh McDaniels As Soon As Possible

If I was the New York Giants, I would be on the phone with whoever I need to be on the phone with to get the Patriots duo to New York. A Gm-Coach combo of Josh McDaniels as your head coach and Nick Caserio as the GM would be best case scenario for the Giants.

Josh has been rumored for some time now with a bunch of different teams, and then there is always the, Josh is the successor to Bill. It doesn’t seem that Bill is going anywhere for the time being at least, and the New York Giants would be a great landing spot for his second chance. The Giants are gonna have a top 3 pick in the NFL draft, a defense that just a year ago was considered one of the best in the NFL, and they have Odell who is pretty damn good. This would be a great landing spot for Josh McDaniels, In my opinion if he’s offered the job he should absolutely take it, the New York Giants is one of the better jobs in the NFL.

This being said I really think the Giants need to try to steal the combo. They are gonna need a GM that will work closely with Josh, who will have the same ideas and will be on the same page with the coach. These two guys have worked together in the past and they can maybe bring the stability back the Giants had back in the Coughlin days.

So I do understand fully that most of the NFL is very stupid. These teams and executives just don’t understand the importance of working hand in hand with each other to make everything flow in one direction. The Giants will probably go another direction and will botch another search, and will be back looking for another coach in a two years. But if the job is offered to Josh and Nick to be the Giants GM-Coach combo, the Giants will be set up pretty well for the future.

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio


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