The Giant Offense Needs to Feature more Daniel Jones

It sounds weird to say that an offense needs to feature more of their starting quarterback. However, today’s game against the Panthers shows that Daniel Jones needs to have the ball in his hands as often as possible. Jason Garrett runs an extremely dull and predictable offense. However he pulled some tricks out of the bag that helped the Giants to a dominating win. The offense featured Jones’s athleticism in all facets. He ran the ball effectively, carrying the ball 6 times for 30 yards. He also threw for one touchdown and 203 yards. With much of the Giants key skill players inactive today, Jones put the team on his back in the second half and willed the Giants to a win. \

Daniel Beckham

Daniel Jones was the Giants quarterback and a receiver all in one on Sunday against the Panthers.

Up until part way through the third quarter, today’s game was a snoozer. Through the half, it was more of a baseball game with a score of 5-3. It wasn’t until Dante Pettis found Daniel Beckham, I mean Jones, with a 16 yard pass. Jones channeled his inner Odell and corralled the ball with one hand. Jones’s athleticism was on full display on this play and it really sparked the Giants offense. After putting up 5 points in the first half, they put up 20 in the second half, including a touchdown pass from Daniel Jones.

The Giants Best Runner

Daniel Jones is often the Giants best runner

Even when Saquon Barkley is healthy, Daniel Jones is often the Giants most effective runner. Over the first four games of the season, Jones averaged 47 rush yards per game with a high of 95 and a long of 46. Through 7 games this season, Jones is averaging about 30 rush yards a game. That may not seem like a lot, but he actually leads the team in rush yards per game. Jones can keep drives going with his legs when a play breaks down and they need to pick up a first down. He has shown he has breakaway speed and can even make defenders miss. The Giants offense moves the ball much more efficiently when Jones uses his legs.

Is Jones Doing Enough?

It is no secret that the New York Giants are a bad football team. However, how much of the blame can be put on Daniel Jones? In both wins this season and against the WFT, Jones has put the team on his back. Is Daniel Jones showing enough to be the Giants starting quarterback moving forward? With two first round picks that should be near the top of the draft, the Giants may find themselves in a spot to take a quarterback. However, is there a quarterback in this draft that is worthy of being selected that high? They could choose to go the trade route and try and acquire a disgruntled QB like Aaron Rodgers or Russel Wilson. But the Giants are in cap hell and that may be hard to swing.

Obviously my opinion means literally nothing, but I believe that Jones has shown enough to earn himself at least one more season as the Giants starting quarterback. What the Giants really need to do is invest in the defensive line, specifically ends that can get to the quarterback. Their defense, especially their pass rush, has been lacking this season. The lack of pressure on the quarterback is leaving the defensive backs out to dry. Invest in 1 or 2 good defensive ends and there can be some major improvements on this defense.

Final Thoughts

Daniel Jones is a very polarizing player amongst the Giants fan base. However, the Giants offense is at its best when Jones is on the move with his legs and has the ball in his hands (receiving, throwing, and running). He has improved his biggest weakness (turnovers) and has shown tremendous growth as a quarterback. Jason Garrett needs to figure out how to get Jones more involved in this offense, other than just standing back to pass. He has proven he can be dangerous with his legs while putting the team on his back when they need it the most.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

Featured image courtesy of The Morning Call.

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