The Ezekiel Elliot Decision Has Arrived, and it Doesn’t Look Good for Dallas

It was a pretty quiet morning in the NFL until 11:07 A.M., then Adam Schefter dropped this on us:

Ezekiel Elliot, suspended for the first six games of the regular season. Because Dallas has their bye week during week six, Elliot will not be deemed eligible to play until week eight. He has three days to appeal this suspension, according to Schefty.

A decision like this was expected to happen eventually, as there have been rumors for weeks now expecting Dallas’ star running back to be suspended. From what I understand Elliot was never actually found guilty of domestic violence and his case was dropped by two different police agencies. Either the NFL found something the police missed, or this is just Roger Goodell puffing his chest out again. Considering the unlikelihood of that, along with how many times we’ve seen Roger do something like this before, I’m going to go with the latter.

It goes without saying that domestic violence is one of the scummiest crimes someone can commit. It also seems to happen a lot in the NFL, which has given the league a terrible look over the years. One of my problems with this is that they can’t seem to stay consistent with their punishments. They recently changed their rules in regards to a player’s punishment for domestic violence, it used to be a four game suspension, now it’s six. However, it still feels like one minute they care so much, then the next they just want to look away. Regardless of how much they care, they have continued to overlook or underlook these cases time and time again. They mishandled Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and almost every other domestic violence case that has come across their desks involving one of their players. Even last year when ex-Giants kicker Josh Brown admitted to beating and objectifying his ex-wife for years and years, all he got was a one-game suspension. Basically a slap on the wrist. He isn’t on a roster now, but the point is that he was never truly punished, and there was evidence all over the place. They need to get it together and it has to start with Goodell. That man is a god damn clown and I really don’t think he has a single idea of what he’s doing. He can’t run this league anymore.

If Zeke actually did do this, then I’m extremely okay with him getting in trouble. He would deserve every last bit of it and more. But given the circumstances, I just don’t feel like he should have been suspended, especially knowing that there’s no evidence deeming him guilty. If that changes, then suspend the hell out of him. But for right now, I’m on Zeke’s side.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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