The Event at Fenway that Made Me Speechless

I am sure by know everyone who does not live under a rock knows about what happened Wednesday night at Fenway Park. During the fourth inning fans hung a sign over the Green Monster saying “Racism is as American as Baseball”. Being at the game my first response was pretty simple “Thats f**cked up man” but I saw some logic behind it just based off American history so I moved on and watched the rest of the game not thinking much more about it. That all changed drastically last night.

Last night I saw a video from an account called Boston Antifa taking responsibility for the sign and attempted to provide a reason for why they did it….attempted is the key word. This kid/boy/man…he just needs to go into hiding for a while because it has to be one of the most uneducated, idiotic statements I have ever heard.He tries to say that the MLB should be dismantled because it is racist and does not have enough or any members of the LGBT community in it.

First lets pick apart the “MLB is racist aspect”. MLB was the first professional sports league to break the color barrier. So that argument is half broken. Now I will put the final nail in the coffin. The MLB is made up of about 58% of American born player and that is only dropping from year to year. That is also not including the African American players that were born in the U.S. Next time you are at a Red Sox game look at the starting 9 lineup at any time there can be between 4-6 black or foreign born players on the field for the Red Sox, depending on when Chris Young and Vazquez play.

As for the “nearly no members of the LGBT community” represented in the league. Show me one instance in the last 25 years that the MLB came out and was like nope you cant play in our league because of your sexual orientation. Secondly google it one time for me and you will find that there is actually a female coach that has been hired by an MLB team…I know its crazy right! Her name is Justin Siegal and the craziest part about this, she was accepted by the male players! Wow crazy i know right! The MLB is suuuucchh a “white mans sport” and is so unfair to people of any sexual orientation other than straight white males. Ya right, man go take a long walk off a short cliff and next time you have the urge to get make another video like that…do some research and get your facts straight you asshat!

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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