Putting the Indians Win Streak in Perspective

The Cleveland Indians are on a historic run right now, they have won twenty two consecutive games at the time I write this and as much attention as it’s getting right now I don’t think it is really getting through to people how insane that is.  The Indians are currently the on the second longest winning streak in the one-hundred forty-one year history of the MLB.  They are only five wins away from breaking a record that has stood for a hundred years set by the New York Giants.  Babe Ruth was an up and coming young pitcher for the Red Sox when that record was set, the Cubs curse was still in the single digits.  That record was old thirty years old when Jackie Robinson broke the color, hell I don’t think they were letting the Irish and Polish play in 1916.

That win Streak record has seemed untouchable in the MLB as not only would it be amazing to see it broken but it’s a feat just to see it threatened.  The last time anyone got close was fifteen years ago when the A’s rattled off twenty games in 2002, and it was so impressive they made a movie about it.  Looking down the list of top twenty winning streaks in MLB history, only seven have happened this side of World War Two and three of those teams are in a tie for twentieth.  Of the top five longest win streaks three of them took place before the invention of Basketball in 1891.

Looking at a bit more recent history the Indians last loss was to the Red Sox 6-1 on August Twenty Third.  Since then we’ve had three hurricanes, a week of real NFL football, two weeks of College football, and JJ Watt has raised 30 million dollars.  The next longest win streak this year was the Astros with 11 consecutive games, half what the Indians have done.

This is one of the greatest runs of any team in any sport and is cementing the Indians as the best team in Baseball, which is nuts when you look at what the Dodgers have done this year.  This level of excellence doesn’t come around often and people should take it in because chances are you won’t see it again in your lifetime.

Written By Jason MacKinnon (@oohkillemjason)

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