The Dolphins Are Sinking Quickly

No one expected Miami to be any good this year. I don’t think anyone expected them to lose the way they did to Baltimore today though. Not long after their 59-10 drudging, reports started to surface of some serious discontent in South Beach.

Per league sources, multiple players contacted their agents after the game to try to force Miami into trading them. The belief amongst the players is that the coaching staff does not truly care about winning this year. They want to commit to the tank and have a tremendous amount of roster turnover.

Coach Flores has denied any attempt to tank, but all you have to do is look at their decisions and it becomes obvious that’s what they’re doing. After trading their franchise-caliber tackle Tunsil( more on that in a second) and receiver Kenny Stills, it’s evident that they’re stripping any talent that could steal them a game or two.

This is not the first talk of mutiny in Miami this season either. When trade rumors surrounding a Clowney for Tunsil swap were afloat, players threated to revolt if the tackle was traded. Well, the Dolphins didn’t get Clowney, but the Texans got Tunsil in exchange for draft picks.

Rebuilding a franchise is never easy. For teams like the Dolphins you almost have to tear it all down and start over. Unfortunately for Flores, the first head coach of a total rebuild almosts never lasts more than three seasons.

-Dillon Leary

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