The David Price Saga Continues

I cant get my finger around if Price is just that mentally weak or just flat out stupid. Ignoring the fact that he says he isnt talking to the media besides on nights that he is pitching because I agree with that, there is no rule saying he has to talk to the media.

The stupid part about that is how he continues to cry like a little baby about how the fans and media are so unfair to him and he doesnt feel loved here. Here is a thought to entertain, nut up, pitch well and you will be amazed at how quick the Boston fan base will fall in love with you and show you all the love you want.

The sad thing is I really like Price and do think he will turn it around because he has all the tools to do so.  He needs to look at Chris Sale and try to model after him, show up pitch well, talk when you need to and then go home. Don’t focus on anything else besides doing what you need to do on the day you are pitching. I mean look at the Patriots, they never say anything but no one cares because they win consistently. Winning is all that matters in Boston. Once you do that consistently I promise the Boston media and fans will have your back. I have faith in you Price, hell we need you to pitch well in order to win.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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