The Daily (2/11/21)

Welcome back to another edition of The Daily. Today we have a good slate of games in the NBA, NHL, and CBB. We are looking to bounce back in college basketball tonight after a rough night. Also we are looking forward to keeping up the hot streak in the NBA and NHL as well. With that being said here are my daily picks for today.


NBA: 5-3 (+2.72u)

Toronto Raptors vs Boston Celtics 

The Toronto Raptors are on the road tonight taking on the Boston Celtics. Toronto has won five out of their last six, while Boston has dropped five out of their last seven. With the way Toronto has been playing you would assume they would be the favorites tonight right? Well if you thought that you would be sadly mistaken. Toronto is starting to find their footing and are an underdog tonight in Boston. Boston has struggled as of late as they haven’t been able to get Kemba Walker back into a consistent rhythm. Tatum and Brown need help and if they can’t get consistency out of Walker this team isn’t going anywhere.

Enough about the Celtics troubles, lets talk about tonight’s game shall we. The Celtics got Jaylen Brown back in Utah after missing the two games prior. I think the Celtics coming back at home tonight will make a big time statement. Boston has only played in 8 home games compared to the fifteen road games that they have already played. Also as a favorite Boston is 7-4 while Toronto is 2-5 as an underdog. This game is shaping up to go exactly as we all think it will be.

Pick: Celtics -3 (1.12u/1u)


Other NBA Picks: 

Heat ML (2.64u/2u) (Play Of The Day)

Over 229.5 (Philadelphia Portland) (1.12u/1u)


CBB: 4-6 (-2.44u)

Minnesota -3 (2.24u/2u) (SYSTEM) 

Eastern Washington -2.5 (1.12u/1u)

LIU ML (1u/1.12u)

Morehead State -7.5 (1.09u/1u)

Washington State ML (1u/1.55u)


NHL: 3-4 (+2.92u)

Islanders (1.08u/1u)

Florida (1u/1.43u)

Under 5.5 (Columbus Chicago) (1.15u/1u)

Carolina (1.25u/1u)

Vancouver (1u/1.18u)


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-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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