Do The Celtics Have A Kemba Walker Problem?

After last night’s 122-108 loss to the Utah Jazz, I got thinking and came to the sad reality that the Celtics don’t have what it takes to win a championship this year.  Now, I know I can’t overreact to every loss this year and most of them I don’t.  I only get mad when they piss away fourth quarters or fail to move the ball around and provide efficient offensive possessions.  But one thing I am absolutely sick and tired of is the lack of play by Kemba Walker.

Look, it’s simple, the two Jay’s have taken off and have entered the stardom stratosphere.  The Celtics were in the need of a point guard after Kyrie left but now I am thinking why?  From what I saw Tatum, Brown, and/or Smart are more than capable of handling the ball.  Shit, even Pritchard is more than capable of starting.  But one thing I am tired of is how Kemba Walker has been as a Celtic.  I think I speak for most that this is starting to look like a bust of a signing.  I can confidently say he is by far the worst signing we have had (besides Hayward but that doesn’t really count).  I just can’t sit here and watch him inconsistently play game-after-game to the point where it is affecting the team.

Right now the Celtics sit 12-11 and fourth in the East.  If the season was to end today they would have the hardest road to The Finals.  But let’s take a look at Walker’s stats this season so far.  Granted he has only played 10 games, but right now he is averaging 15ppg, 4 assists, and 30% from three.  The 30% from three is what is scary and his 32% from two is horrible.  He is overall struggling, or is this just who he is as a player?  His time in Charlotte was skewed.  I don’t care what you say or how you look at it.  This guy had total control over the offense and he could do whatever he wanted because they sucked.  But now that he is the third option, his numbers don’t compliment that of Tatum or Brown.  I will say that his defense has been better this year.  But he is struggling.  Maybe this is just who he is and that’s fine, maybe we should be a little less harsh on his play.  But we can’t help it when we are paying him max money to watch him play like he is.

If I am Ainge, I know we can’t win this year.  They can’t beat either LA, Brooklyn, or even Philly this year in a best of 7.  If I am Danny I am taking calls for Walker.  His value is probably high right now to get a player such as Zach Lavine or Kris Middleton or someone along those lines.  But I don’t think they need a pure point guard to win.  I think they need a guy who can come in and really compliment the offense, something Kemba has struggled with the last year and a half as a Celtic.

P.S. Danny Ainge better fucking use his trade exempt on a guy like PJ Tucker or Harrison Barnes because if not then there has to be some serious conversation about replacing him as the President/GM.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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