The Daily (2/1/21)

Welcome back to another edition of The Daily. Today we have the first edition of the month of February. Your boy is looking to continue the hot streak that he had last week and have that ride throughout the entire month of February. We got three slates of games that we will be discussing today.

The NBA which we went 14-10 and made 4.85 units last week. College Basketball in which we went 20-19-1 and made 0.86 units last week. Then the final sport we are picking from today is the NHL. My record from last week in the NHL was 10-10 and I made 0.38 units as well. My record in total from last week was 44-39-1 and made 6.09 units in total. With that hot streak still taking place as of today, here are my daily picks for Monday February 1st.



Phoenix Suns vs Dallas Mavericks

The Phoenix Suns are on the road tonight against the Dallas Mavericks. Phoenix is riding a little two game winning streak, while the Mavericks are on a cold streak of five in a row. The Suns won against Dallas on Saturday and will look to do more of the same today.

Right now Dallas is the favorite and Phoenix might be without Devin Booker tonight due to a hamstring injury. Dallas is in a real bad slump and are going to need some guys to get going in order to get out of it. Besides Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis; this team has too many inconsistencies that are not going to help the Mavericks in the long run. Tonight though with the line being two points in Dallas’ favor; I think we all know where to put your money for tonight.

Pick: Dallas ML (1.25u/1u)


Other NBA Picks:

ML Parlay (Charlotte, Knicks, Grizzlies) (1u/16.4u)

Over 217.5 (Detroit Denver) (1.12u/1u)



Under 132.5 (Bradley Indiana State) (1.12u/1u)

UCF +9.5 (1.1u/1u)

Oklahoma ML (1u/2.8u)



Vancouver (1u/1.43u)

Winnipeg (1u/1.05u)


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-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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