The Colts Showed the NFL How to Beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs

Last night on Sunday Night Football, the Indianapolis Colts shocked most of the NFL world by defeating the Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs 19-13.

After losing to the Oakland Raiders at home last week, not many gave the Colts a chance to head into Arrowhead Stadium and take down the undefeated Chiefs. Colts Head Coach Frank Reich drew up a beautiful game plan and may have shown the rest of the league how to beat Andy Reid’s team.

Since Patrick Mahomes became the starting quarterback for Kansas City at the beginning of last season, the lowest amount of points the team put up was 26. With the Colts changing that yesterday teams have to take notice of what Indy did.

First off, the Colts controlled the ball most of the game. The comparison in time of possession (TOP) was in favor of the Colts by nearly 15 minutes (Colts: 37:15, Chiefs: 22:45). In all of KC’s losses over the past two years, TOP was in favor of their opponent.

Second of all, the Colts bullied the Kansas City defense on the ground. Teams around the league are aware of the susceptibility of the Chiefs D. They are not particularly bad at defending the pass, but when it comes to the run they are horrendous. Kansas City ranks 30th in the league, sandwiched between the 0-5 Cincinnati Bengals and the 0-5 Washington Redskins. The Colts took advantage of this by rushing the football 45 times which is unheard of in todays NFL.

I am not saying that every team that does this is going to beat Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are both terrific at what they do and will continue to amaze the league with their offense. But keeping the ball away from them is a big key to beat them. If KC does not have the ball they can’t score (I know, breaking news).

Keeping the football away from Kansas City is definitely easier said than done, but the Colts showed last night that by continually pounding the ball for first down after first down, you can beat this high-powered team.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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