Patriots Release Tight End Benjamin Watson

Sometimes in life, you’re just in the right place at the wrong time. That happened to former Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson yesterday as he was released by the Patriots.

The Patriots decided they will not be activating the tight end for rest of the season. Keep in mind, Watson was suspended the first four games for a PED violation. Since then, several factors have played into why the Patriots made their decision yesterday.

He’s 38 And On A One Year Deal

Benjamin Watson isn’t a spring chicken. He was retired before being convinced to come out of retirement and sign with the Patriots. Not every player can be fortunate like Tom Brady to last over 20 seasons in the NFL. If he was 28 or even a few years younger, the Patriots might have been more convinced to keep him. At this stage of his career, it’s no loss for either side. Watson can go back to the retirement life if he so chooses. The Patriots have capable tight ends.

Ryan Izzo and Matt LaCosse Are Serviceable

Besides Watson being older and on a one year deal, the Patriots have capable tight ends. Both Izzo and LaCosse have found the endzone this season. They’ve done well with their blocking assignments in the running game for the most part. Plus, we all knew this Patriots team wasn’t going to be throwing to the tight ends as much anyways. If these two are blocking well and helping out Brady when need be, then they’ll be just fine in the offense. Bringing in Watson might have made it more complicated.

He’s Very Mature About The Decision

Benjamin Watson isn’t going around bad mouthing the Patriots here. Obviously, he’s disappointed because he loves the game and wanted another shot at a Super Bowl ring. It’s all completely understandable. He’s a good guy deep down that cares about his family and their well-being. He was a part of the first Patriots dynasty back in the early 2000’s. It’s a shame he couldn’t be a part of the last one. Life man, it happens!

In Conclusion

Is it a big loss? Not really. Watson could have been beneficial in the passing game. But like I mentioned earlier, Izzo and LaCosse will be just fine. It’s just another day at the office for the Patriots. It’s time to turn the page and get ready for the Giants on a short week. Good luck with everything, Benjamin Watson! Sorry that it couldn’t work out more in your favor.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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