The Clock is Ticking for a Francisco Lindor Extension

The clock is ticking for the Mets and Francisco Lindor to reach an agreement on extension before opening day. Lindor has set a hard deadline of opening day to reach an agreement. If no deal is reached, then Lindor will head to free agency and the Mets will have to compete with everyone else for Lindor’s services. The two sides now have four full days to come to an agreement before opening day on Thursday.

What would a Francisco Lindor extension look like? What would it mean if the Mets do not sign him?

Potential Deal

The Mets have 5 days to ink Francisco Lindor to a new contract.

Francisco Lindor has been one of the best players in all of baseball since he made his debut in 2015. He has only got better and is only now reaching the prime of his career. The 27 year old shortstop can expect a very lucrative contract regardless of when and where he signs. It was reported a couple of weeks ago that the Mets had offered slightly below $300 million. However, Lindor countered with well north of that number. Therefore, the number where both sides would agree is somewhere in the middle.

Lindor is likely using Fernando Tatis’s new contract as a figure to negotiate. Tatis signed a monster $340 million contract with the Padres. Lindor’s new deal will likely be somewhere in that neighborhood. And the Mets would be stupid not to go near there. I expect Lindor to get $330 million dollar contract that keeps him in Queens for the next 10 years.

Fallout of no deal

It is no secret that Mets fans (myself included) are getting very nervous about the lack of an agreement at this time. However, like I mentioned above, the two sides still have four full days to strike a deal. Momentum can pick up quickly, especially with the deadline fast approaching. However, Mets twitter will be a disaster if no deal is reached by Thursday. After missing out on George Springer, Trevor Bauer, and JT Realmuto, the Mets NEED Lindor. This is the first real test to show the Mets have changed from their old ways. If Steve Cohen wants his championship within the next five years, then Lindor must be the starting shortstop.

Next year’s free agent class at shortstop is certainly impressive. Names include Trevor Story, Corey Seager, Javy Baez, Carlos Correa, and Francisco Lindor (if no deal is reached). The Mets can always pivot to one of those other names if Lindor doesn’t sign. However, you CANNOT take that risk. They have one of the best players in the game. There is no reason to gamble losing him and missing out on any of the other top names.

Will a deal get done?

The short answer? Probably. My prediction? It will get done, yes. Will I be sweating out every second until a deal is reached? Also yes. Jacob Degrom was able to get a new extension within two days of his imposed deadline of opening day a couple of seasons ago. In addition, Steve Cohen has also taken to twitter to comment on the negotiations. My gut says that the Mets owner publicly commenting on the matter means there is at least a pretty good chance this deal gets done.

Final Thoughts

It is as simple as this; the Mets need to sign Francisco Lindor. He is made to play baseball in New York. Lindor has the chance to lead the Mets to the World Series and be a true star for the game. Therefor, he is deserving of any contract he gets and the Mets should be the ones to give it to him. They need a player like this. The days of being second fiddle in New York are over for the Mets and signing Lindor to a long term extension solidifies the old times are over and the new Mets are here to stay.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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