The Challenge War Of The Worlds EP 1 Review

The show starts off right away with its first challenge of the season. It involved the perfect amount of stamina, strength, and intelligence. The last place Prospect male & female would be eliminated from the show.

I was not surprised that Paulie finished first in the guy’s heat. The dude is pretty much good at everything. We also found out that CT is only on the show to pay for his wedding (just kidding). Kyle showed how dumb he is by not doing well on the puzzle part of the challenge. In the end, Josh, the winner of Big Brother 19 was eliminated from the show.

Overall, some of the new guys are pretty serious about winning this game. It’s obvious that most of them have the strength (which I’m sure Bananas doesn’t like). We shall see if any of them can play a strategic game.

For the Girl’s challenge, I was very impressed by the way DA’Vonne came out killing it. Natalie D also seems pretty intimidating to the Vets. For the girls, Liz (Also from Big Brother) was eliminated for coming in last.

Once that was all over with, the competitors were sent off to the house to pick their rooms. It was hilarious how CT and Turbo just didn’t even break a sweat trying to get a room. CT the vet didn’t have to worry about a thing. His buddies had his back saving him a bed.

Once the bedrooms were all settled, the talking began. All the Vets were getting ready to pick which Prospects they would select as teammates. Listen, Chase, this is not The Bachelor. Don’t fall in love with the first girl you meet on The Challenge. Is anyone surprised that Ashley is already the head of the drama in the house?

TJ with a huge twist having the Prospects choose the teams. The Vets are left with no power. Unfortunately, Alan who injured himself in the first elimination challenge broke his arm and has to go home. The teams are:

Amanda Garcia & Alan Valdez (replaced by Josh Martinez)

Ashley Mitchell & Chase McNary

Cara Maria Sorbello & Theo Campbell

Chris “CT” Tamburello & Julia Nolan

Da’Vonne Rogers & Stephen Bear

Hunter Barfield & Georgia Harrison

Jenna Compono & Gus Smyrnios

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio & Morgan Willett

Kam Williams & Ashley Cain

Kyle Christie & Mattie Breaux

Leroy Garrett & Shaleen Sutherland

Nany González & Turabi “Turbo” Çamkiran

Natalie Negrotti & JP Andrade

Paulie Calafiore & Natalie “Ninja” Duran

Wes Bergmann & Dee Nguyen

Zach Nichols & Zahida Allen

I can’t wait to see how these Prospects deal with everything that happens in this game. Can they overcome the boundaries and take control? Or will the Vets reign victorious?

Connor Strayer (CouchGuyBigC)

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