The Challenge Vendettas Report: Episode 8

Hey everyone, sorry I have not posted about The Challenge Vendettas in a while. I have been keeping up with every episode, but I just have not had the time to fully pay attention. How ever, this season has just started to get exciting. We now know that mercenaries will be popping up from time to time during eliminations, and that is absolutely insane. The mercenaries for this challenge happened to be Jordan, Tori, Derrick, and Aneesa. As you know, these are some of the strongest challengers in the history of the show. 


Shane vs Jordan – Jordan Wins

Joss vs Derrick – Derrick Wins

Veronica vs Aneesa – Aneesa Wins

Kam vs Tori – Kam Wins

As you all saw in episode 7, Shane loss to Jordan and Veronica broke her finger during the elimination so she had to forfeit.  Kam really shocked me with how well she performed against Tori. She handled herself, and proved that she is a force in the house. Every girl should be intimidated by Kam going forward.

The most entertaining elimination had to be between Derrick and Joss.  Joss is one of the strongest men in the house and Derrick is the fiercest challenger in the history of the show. This elimination went so long, that TJ decided to make it sudden death. Even after sudden death was announced these two titans went round after round trading blows, until Joss made a mental mistake. Joss thought he went out of bounds and he let go of the rope, which allowed Derrick to easily score his point to win. This elimination may honestly go down as one of the best eliminations off all time. 

At the end of the night, Shane, Joss, and Veronica went home with no money. Kam earned herself a grenade which she can use on a vendetta next challenge. Bananas and his crew are lucky that Joss was eliminated, because he was going to be a force if he made it to the final. Cara seems to be a little too nervous which is no surprise. She is a vet that does not want to get thrown into the elimination this early in the show.

The Challenge

This weeks challenge was also intense. Four teams of four challengers had to jump from car to car that where hanging 30 feet in the air. This challenge was broken up into two heat’s. Kam had a tough grenade decision, but I she made the right move. Using the grenade on Cara is a bold move, but it is great for Kams alliance.

Nelson, who was on a team with Bananas, ended up getting across all of the cars. This guy is a freak and looked like a robot jumping from car too car. Bananas on the other hand did not make it pass one car. Zack also made it all the way across for his team, but no one else on his team made it. Cara was lubed up due to the grenade, and did not make it pass one car. Jem and Kam did not even attempt too jump.

The scariest moment had to be when Leeroy fell from one of the cars. Once he hit the water, he was lifeless. He was taken to the hospital right away and it seemed as if he had a concussion.

In the end, Nelson won the challenge for his team ( Nelson, Bananas, Cara Marie, and Natalie). Kams grenade just got thrown right back at her. The Troika that the team formed was Natalie, Bananas, and Nelson. The losing team which was Kam, Brad, Marie, and Jem, had to choose one person to go into elimination. They ended up choosing Marie. This was insane since Kam and Marie are in an alliance

We shall who the Troika chooses next episode to go up against Marie in the next elimination. This season is starting to crazy as more people are being eliminated every week. As of right now, the vets are looking like they have control of the game, but anything can happen in this game.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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