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March Madness is Going to Be Insane

Ladies and gents this March is going to be filled with upset after upset. I am predicting that it is going to be utter madness. When looking at the season as a whole, besides one team there really has not been a clear cut team that could go all the way. That one team could even slip up. So what I am going to do here is give you a couple teams to keep your eye on. These are the teams that I think have the chance to make a deep run but even I have no idea is the favorite this year. It could really go to anyone. So buckle up and get ready because your brackets are going to get busted easily.


Currently Virginia sits at number one in the rankings and they definitely deserve to be there. They’ve beaten North Carolina and Duke this year. The real reason I think they have a shot to win it all is because they have the best defense in the country. They are currently allowing only 52.7 points per game. That right there will win you a national championship. If they can stay healthy and play consistent basketball they will be in the Final Four.


Now that we talked about the best defense lets talk about the best offense. Going into the year I really thought that Villanova would be the favorite and while they are still a good team they have had some bumps in the road. But they also just beat the fourth best team in the country in Xavier so that is a great addition to their resume. They are currently averaging 87.4 points per game which is the best in the country. As much as I love Villanova my gut is telling me that they won’t make it to the Final Four. They definitely are a top 10 team but just be cautious.


Ok so this Arizona team is not as good as of years passed but there is something about this team that can win them the national championship. They have one of the best players in the country in Deandre Ayton. This guy is a 7 foot freshman that is an absolute monster. He is currently averaging 19.7 points per game, 10.9 rebounds per game, and 1.9 blocks per game. Thats NBA type numbers right there. The great thing about March Madness is that you typically play teams that aren’t in your conference. This helps Arizona big time. Imagine squaring up against a 7 foot beast and your a measly 6 foot 8 forward from Creighton. Can you say mismatch?


Yes I know. Everybody hates Duke. But there are two reasons why I think they can make a run come tournament time. The first reason is like Arizona, they have another top player in the country in Marvin Bagley III. Also a freshman, he is averaging 21.2 points per game and 11.4 rebounds per game. When you have a guy that can take over a game that is a big difference maker. But the real reason I think Duke can make a run is because I think that they have the best coach in the country in Coach K. The guy has been doing this for years and he has been here before. He will have his guys ready to play come March.

-Nick Katinas (@NKatinas22)

One thought on “March Madness is Going to Be Insane

  • connorstrayer

    If Grayson Allen can get hot before the tournament, then Duke has the best chance.


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