The Challenge Vendettas Report: Episode 3

“ The Ring of Fire” was probably one of the most laughable elimination challenges in recent years. First of all, Nelson could not even kick the ball past the halfway mark, and Cory was just launching the ball over the net. These two performed so bad that TJ had to bring the elimination to a sudden death with no goalkeeper. Nelsons first kick went in, while Cory missed his kick wide left. No Surprise, Corey is the first person to go home in the game and it is not looking good for his Challenge future. Like I said, this was one of the ugliest performances I have ever seen.

The only thing that did come out of this elimination round was the grenade concept. The grenade gives you a chance to get even with your vendetta. There are three different grenades you can use, all three give the winner of an elimination round a significant advantage. For this elimination, the first grenade is “cash” .  With this you can take $5,000 from whichever player who has money. With the second grenade “time crunch” you can add time to your vendettas challenge that day. Last but not least the third grenade “ put up or shut up”, allows you too join the Troika or send someone in to the Inquisition. These grenades will most certainly create new vendettas in this house. You also have to use the grenade before the next challenge.

The thing is, Nelson does not have any close allies in the house. His best bet would be to  just team up with Devon. Devon is a smarter player who can be a little crafty when it comes to making moves.

Nicole Z and Melissa got a little steamy when they both jumped into the shower together. Who knows what happened in there, but both seemed to come out excited. Props to Melissa for getting on Nicole’s good side. Nicole is a huge competitor who is a threat to go far in the game. There could also be a lot of “bananagins” in the future.

Somehow Melissa injures her foot while doing gymnastics in the house. Surprisingly this keeps her from taking part in this weeks challenge. The doctors did not think it was the best idea for her to possibly get her cut wet. The Challengers played “#Vendettas”, where the challengers had too race across a hashtag shaped beam to put their own hashtags on other competitors poles. Since Melissa can not compete, she goes right into the Troika.

Nelson had a big decision to make and he used the “cash” grenade. He took $5,000 cash from Joss. I do believe that this was the best move for Nelson to make since Joss has the most money in the house and it is to early to make a huge move.

In the first men’s round of this challenge, Shane really did not perform well. I guess he could not get over how high up they were on the hashtag. These guys did really look like little ballerinas not trying to push each other off. Victor was flying through this challenge and he really deserved it because he wants to be in the Troika. I was not surprised that no guys thew each other off the hashtag since it was not a guys elimination week.

The girls round on the other had was a little more entertaining. Nattalie was an absolute beast in this challenge and did really well. THings got crazy when Nicole Z decided to push Alicia into the water. Alicia was extremely pissed off, and Nicole kinda looked like an asshole because of it. The second guys round was also pretty lame. Devon and Bananas performed well and left it all out there to try and be apart of the Trioka. Not much happened during the girls second round and all of them seemed to be moving pretty slow.

The two winners were Devon and Natallie who split $25,000 to put in their personal bank account. The three fastest times where Devon, Natallie, and BANANAS. I am kinda surprised the Bananas is once again in the Troika. If he can keep this up the entire game, then he will be making a lot of decisions. These three now get to choose the inquisition and then choose one girl from the inquisition to face Mellissa in elimination.

Alright so Nattalie is not to well at the political part of this game. She went up to Britini and Kailah and tried to intimidate them “keep you off my radar and I will keep you off mine”. This could come around to bite her in the ass since she is a rookie and she is hard to trust. Once the Troika met up, it was not really hard for them to pick the inquisition. The easiest decision for them was to pick three rookies and that is exactly what they did. The three roolies picked where Kam, Alicia, and Kayleigh. Right off the bat, Kam freaked out becasue she was chosen. Kam really needs to calm down because I do not think she will be picked to go against Melissa. 

Sadly, this is where the episode ends and it was pretty disappointing. MTV needs to speed up these episodes so we can at least see an elimination every week!

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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