Red Sox Have An Official Offer In The Range Of 5-Years, $100Mil To JD Martinez

According to Buster Onley of ESPN, the Red Sox have made an offer to power bat JD Martinez in the range of 5-years, $100 Million.


There has been news circulating all over the internet about Martinez and what his plans are going forward in regards to contract negotiations. One of those stories states that Martinez is willing to enter a stalemate into spring training until he is given a contract that he feels he deserves.

The standoff between Martinez and his potential suitors is becoming more and more palpable by the day. As the offseason wears on and clubs continue to steer clear of major free agents on the market such as Eric Hosmer, it seems as though teams are nervous to ink players due to the overwhelming demand for long term deals coupled with major record breaking salaries.

Martinez had hired a new agent prior to entering free agency, and of course his name is Scott Boras. If you pay attention to baseball and the behind the scenes workings, than Scott Boras’ name is almost synonymous with free agency and the offseason. He has the inept ability to take well know players and assist them in being compensated for every dollar, usually more, than they are worth.

For example, Prince Fielder. Prince Fielder had always been know as, well, a more heavy-set, slugging first baseman. The story with big men in professional sports always seems to end in similar fashion. Their bodies break down quicker than their more athletically built counterparts and therefore, their careers dissipate earlier than they probably hope.

Fielder had Boras by his side when he was a free agent in 2012. Boras was able to talk Detroit into signing the husky infielder to a nine year deal worth $214Mil. Taking a step back to what I had said before; Fielder was only able to play four and a half of those nine seasons before he eventually retired due to, you guessed it, his body falling apart at the age of 32.

Boras is a major factor in these negotiations and this is especially true in regards to the Boston Red Sox. He knows who he is dealing with in Dave Dombrowski who has been known in the past to overpay for clients whether it’s with prospects or contracts. And actually, speaking of which, guess who agreed to that enormous deal for Prince Fielder. The then President and General Manager of the Detroit Tigers, Dave Dombrowski.

So Boras and Domrowski have tangoed before. Boras also understands that the one major flaw in the Red Sox lineup is a lack of power and that they are desperately in search of that solution. It’s no secret that despite rumors of the balls being juiced last season with the intentions of more home runs, the Red Sox still finished dead last in home runs and barely beat the combination of Judge, Stanton and Sanchez when combined. Because of that fact alone, I am under the assumption that Boras will force Dombrowski’s hand eventually.

And I believe that Dombrowski is doing the right thing by not taking the bait quite yet. If Martinez claims he will wait into spring training than fine. You are not going to enter a bidding war when it’s you and you alone again, right? *Cue Pablo Sandoval deal*

If Martinez were to accept this deal, which I severely doubt he will, than I would be okay with that.

Compared to what Boras was originally in search of for his client, which circled the area of $200Mil over a seven year deal, I could live with this.

The outfielder did earn his money last season by producing .303 with 45 bombs. But did he earn seven years and the power to force a team to risk being stuck with a deteriorating player who has trouble staying healthy as is? Absolutely not. But five years at about $20Mil per season? If he accepts, than that in my eyes might be the most impressive deal of the Dave Dombrowski era in Boston so far.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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