The Challenge Vendettas Report: Episode 2

So right off the bat, the girls bring back drama from last season. Leroy got thrown into an elimination by Britni, but she was only using it as a burn vote. Britinis vote actually ended up sending Leroy home. Brad and Tony have some twitter beef centered around Cara Maria.  Natalie also seems to somehow be attracted to Bananas? This relationship could come back to hurt Natalie since Bananas is such a huge threat in this game. Or she could ride his coat tails and make it to the finals.

Joss is actually cleaning the house which I find funny, because no one ever cleans. Even Leroy was making jokes about it. Could Cara Maria, Marie, and Kailah form a power alliance? I believe they would be unstoppable, but I do not think Cara Maria will do it. All I can say is Cara Maria and Marie are going to have a lot of drama over Kyle. To me this entire thing is dumb because they will let a dude that they barely know get in the way of winning money. Kyle would be dumb if he even decided to date either of them since they have a bad record. SIDE NOTE: Is Jemmye even in this episode?  In the first episode, all you heard were here little side comments. We have not heard a thing from her so far this episode! 

The players had to be physically strong for their first challenge  “Whos got balls?” . The players have to run into a pit full of soap and water, and grab a ball. Once they have a ball, they have to get out of the pit and get it into their can. The first one to get three balls in their own can wins the challenge. Guys vs Guys and Girls Vs Girls. The winning guy and girl get $12,500 each. Since its a guys elimination week, the last place guy automatically goes into the elimination.

The Top three overall (Guy or Girl) finishers in this challenge get to pick a person to send into the elimination. From now on, the top three finishers in the remaining challenges will be called the “Troika”. The Troika will choose any three players (depending on if its a boy or girl elimination week) to end up in an Inquisition, which I will go over later. 

The girls really struggled in this challenge. Nicole Z got of too a fire start, with Britni and Cara Maria right behind her. Britni ended up winning for the girls which no one really expected. She received $12,500, that will be added to her overall bank account. 

The guys round was a little more interesting. Right off the bat, Shane gets a ball in first, but he could not hold his lead.  Brad, Zach, and Bananas were literally right behind him. Most of the guys had an easier team with this challenge and it was a lot more competitive. The top three finishers for the guys ended up being Johnny Bananas, Kyle, Brad. Leroy and Nelson had a really tough time with this challenge which is terrible for Cory. If Nelson losses this challenge then Bananas will 100% throw Cory  into elimination against his best friend on the show. Nelson did end up coming in last place for the guys which could cripple his entire game.

Bananas is right, the best way to break an alliance up is to send them into an elimination against each other. For some reason Zach does not think Cory has anything to worry about which I think is dumb. However, Brad is looking to change the game so he could be wild card voter.

Bananas wants to throw in Cory right off the bat which is not surprising. Brad wants to throw in Tony because he just does not know the guy and the twitter beef they have. Kyle on the other hand really had no say in this deliberation. I was surprised by this because he really could have made a move. The three guys that the troika ended up choosing where Cory, Tony and Victor. I am really not surprised by who they picked since all three of the players picked have vendettas against the troika.

Tony is pissed off at Bananas since they are friends, and apart of the same alliance. Cory has been in the first elimination three seasons in a row. The inquisition is a dinner where the three people voted in plead their case too the troika. Cory is trying to turn the house upside down by pitting Victor, Tony, Shane, Brad, and Devon against Bananas. Which almost worked because it made Bananas a little nervous. In the end, Bananas did not end up believing Cory at all.

That night when all the challengers went out drinking, Cory actually made a smart move by not getting drunk. Nelson tries to talk to Kyle so he can try and convince him to not throw Cory in. In the end, Kyle shakes Cory’s hand promising him that he is safe. Kyle then goes back to the house with Cara Maria where they totally hook up. Will this stir up drama between here and Marie?

Before the guys head to the elimination, Kyle and Brad have a talk about who they went to throw into elimination. “The Ring” is where all of the eliminations will be held. Bananas ends up voting  for Cory (no surprise), Kyle votes for Cory (WTF), and Brad also votes for Cory. Once again Cory and Nelson have to go up against each other in the Ring. Who ever wins the elimination can use a “grenade to use against their vendetta. (this was not really explained, so we have no clue what can happen with a grenade)

So my final thoughts on this episode: First of all, there are way to many personalities this season. Until a few people get eliminated, you will rarely hear from anyone in the house unless they are involved with drama. Brad is a total wild card, who will not let Bananas boss him around. Going into this season, you would think that Brad and Bananas would work together since they are vets. However, it seems like Brad is not interested in playing Bananas game plan. You can not trust Kyle at all since he voted for Cory after promising he would not. I have absolutely  no idea how this whole “grenade” concept will come into play. TJ said that it may be a good thing to be thrown into elimination, so who knows what is in store for Cory/Nelson.  I also do not think the new players have any idea what they are getting into. I am hoping that the vets to not manipulate them, but it is looking like that will happen. 

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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