The Challenge Vendettas Report: Episode 13

On the last episode of The Challenge Vendettas, we watched the remaining competitors race their chance to stay in the game. The man and women to finish last will end up going home. We start episode 13, with finding out who came in last place. To absolutely no surprise, Jemmye came in last for the girls. As much as I love Jem sometimes, she’s just the least fit out of all the girls. The guys race was a different story. Five seconds separated Kyle and Devon for the last place finish. Unfortunately Devon ended up coming in last. This is somewhat disappointing since he’s the smartest person left in the game.

The remaining competitors (Brad, Leroy, Kyle, Tony, Zack, Cara, Nicole, Kam, and Kailah) earned their way to where the Final will take place (Czech Republic).

The Challenge: Outside The Box

This challenge is played individually. The players are attached to the back of a massive truck, while they have to weave their way in and out of check points on the side. This first heat which consisted of Zach and Leroy, was interesting to watch. You really had two ends of the spectrum here, with Zach killing it and Leroy not doing so hot. The Second heat between Kyle and Nelson went very similar. Nelson really sucked and Kyle actually did better then Zach! Brad and Tony also performed flawlessly. 

All of the girls except for Kam, ended up performing perfectly in this challenge. This means that there was a three way tie for the girls ( Kailah, Cara, Nichole) and a four way tie for the guys (Brad, Tony, Zach, Kyle). 

Since all of these competitors tied, they had to compete in a second round. This time, the truck would be moving a lot faster. TJ does’nt reveal the results until everyone finishes.

After the challenge is complete, TJ all of a sudden reveals that the last place guy is being eliminated. That means Nelson is out of here. He’s absolutely devastated after this loss, since this came out of no where. Leroy made it out of there by the skin of his teeth.

For the guys, Tony ended up winning. This means that he’s going straight to the Finals.  Kailah won it for the girls and she is going straight to the Finals as well. Cara Maria who came in third place will be joining Tony and Kailah in the Troika.

TJ also reveals that all the girls are going to the final. The Troika had to then nominate three guys to be in the Inquisition.




Cara Maria

Tony would be dumb not to put the strongest guys in the Zach into the elimination, but Kailah and Cara didn’t want that.





This means that Zach is now going to the Final.

This is interesting since Kyle and Cara have been hooking up the entire time. This means that Kyle shouldn’t be going into the elimination. Leroy states that he shouldn’t be thrown in because he has a solid relationship with all three in the Troika. He makes some very solid points. Cara can’t be playing with her heart here. She needs to go with the strongest guy which is Brad or Leroy.

The girls want to go into the Final with who they think can help them win. On the other hand, Tony wants to go up against the guys who are the least competition. The Troika has to pick one person to bring straight to the Final. Cara ultimately plays with her heart, and she saves Kyle. Leroy became frustrated with this since he is a challenge vet. Kailah decides to save Leroy since she has a bond with him. It really all boiled down to who Tony picked. He ends up choosing to save Kyle, due to Leroy pleading his case to hard.  Kyle should be absolutely thrilled that he somehow made it into the Final.

You could really see how pissed off Leroy was, when Tony and Cara did not choose him. Tony pretty much lied right to Leroy’s face, and Cara didn’t choose the strongest competitor.


Brad Vs. Leroy

This elimination challenge is mostly physical, which is in Brads favor. The elimination starts off and Leroy gets right through his wall. However, Brad ended up knocking his wall over. Brad continued to try and get through his next wall. At first I thought that Brad may be eliminated since he technically did not go through his first wall. As the challenge goes on, the balls that Brad ends up using to punch through a wall break.

Winner: Leroy

Is anyone sad about Brad leaving? No one left in the house really enjoyed having him there, and he didn’t seem to fit in. How will this final shape out, now that Leroy has two new vendettas (Tony &Cara)? He may have to work with either of them in the Final, so we’ll see if they can set their differences aside. The Final is looking like it will be one of the most intense ever. Tune in next Tuesday to watch all the action unfold.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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