The Challenge Vendettas Report: Episode 1

If you are new to this blog, then welcome to Couch Guy Sports. I am an absolutely huge fan of the show The Challenge that airs on MTV, and I will be doing a weekly blog after each episode of this new season. I will be giving you my raw thoughts on what is going on in the game and what could possibly happen next week. Please, please, please, let me know that you think by commenting your thoughts and opinions about my take on each episode.

Alright so last night’s episode was everything I expected it to be. This season also features personal bank accounts for the first time since The Ruins. We got a little look at the new players from different shows such as This Is The One, Ex On The Beach, Big Brother, ect. If you though the last season “ Dirty 30” was crazy, then this season will 100% top that. Every player in this game has a grudge against someone else. Right off the bat, MTV  shows Bananas and Cory who obviously have the biggest vendetta against each other. The only thing is, Cory kind of sucks. I mean he has not done very well in any of the challenges and Bananas easily tops him. However I do respect Cory for going after one of the top dogs in the house from the get go. Also you can tell that there will be a ton of hookups during this season. Almost everyone in the house is single, including Bananas.

Get off the rock was a great way to get into this new season. Every player had to race up a windy mountain that  . The last place man and women go STRAIGHT HOME. Wow, what a way to start the new season. At the halfway point, the players had to stand in a circle and hold a box for six hours! If they dropped the box or stepped outside the circle, then you received a time penalty. Surprisingly, no one received the time penalty. To everyone’s surprise the newcomer Joss came in first place for the guys. To no surprise, Nicole Z came in first place for the girls side. One of the newcomers Rogan was eliminated (not surprised a new comer came in last), and Nicole R came in last out of the girls. Unfortunately, we will shall see Nicole R in future seasons of the Challenge. 

Shane made a solid move rooming with players that he does not know at all. If he can convince the new guys to join his side, then Shane can be a dangerous player. If the some of the vets were smart, they would team up with the rookies to eliminate the other top veterans in the game. These rookies have no clue what lies ahead of them in the final challenge, so taking a group of rookies all they way to the end would be the best move one of the veterans could make. Also Jemmye has to be one of the most hilarious people on the show. She absolutely roasts people while keeping her opinions 100 percent real. MTV please keep her on the show, because she helps your ratings. 

Brad and Britini, two vets that go way back, could possibly become a power couple. Cory and Alicia seem to be hitting it off. Ba-Natalie (Bananas and Natalie) well we shall see what happens with that. Marie and Kyle also have a little thing going on, but to no surprise Cara Maria is jealous. 

If I had to pick a rookie to make it the farthest, I would pick the dude from Big Brother. Victor has played in a game similar to the Challenge, and he gets that you need to create solid alliances to get to the end. I can see him teaming up with a player such as Devin because they seem to get along and have a similar personality. 

OK and finally the new concept of a grenade? What will happen with that? AND it looks like four players will enter the game in the future? From what I can see this season is going to be full of drama and surprises. Vendettas may even be the most entertaining season ever.

So like I said, please let me know what you think about my take on the first episode. I will be posting after each episode and giving my full take on it.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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