JD Martinez and Eric Hosmer Finally Have Some Offers Made

The two trophy pieces on the free agent market this offseason now officially have some offers laid out for them on the table.

Tell me what part of this shocks you. The team that has an offer in place for JD Martinez according to USA Today is the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have been the clear cut front runners for the slugging outfielder who hit 45 bombs last season.

There will be no part of me that will act surprised when the Sox ink Martinez. It feels the same as it did when the Celtics were making their push for free agent at the time, Gordon Hayward, last offseason. It’s almost inevitable, to me at least, that Martinez will be in Boston in 2018.

Eric Hosmer on the other hand has been offered a seven year deal by the San Diego Padres. What frustrates me about this is that it is clear today that players are after one thing, money. Especially in regards to baseball, signing with a team that you think has a legitimate shot at winning the World Series seems as though it’s a thing of the past as long as they’re throwing truck loads of dough at you. And, well, if Hosmer signs with San Diego than it is clear to me that he is happy with that one World Series ring he has because there is no chance in a fiery hell that the Padres are winning it all anytime soon.

No word has come out about how much money each of players have been offered. Both being clients of Scott Boras, I can only imagine it is more money than I will make in the next 30 years. HA, please. Make that 40 years.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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