Who Cares About Wednesday, The Celtics Still Own The 76ers

Last night the 76ers and the Celtics battled it out one last time before the playoffs. The 76ers came up with win 118-115. However, the Celtics still own the 76ers.

The 76ers played an almost perfect game on their home court and still only won by three points. Plus if Smart doesn’t get ejected from last night’s game, I think the Celtics pull off the win. Hate to say it, but he pumped up the 76ers team and woke up the crowd.  Overall it was just a dumb move by Smart.

Brad Stevens needs to know that Embiid is going to get his points in the post. This doesn’t mean that the Celtics should flood the post area and try to stop the Embiid attack. If they did this, then all Embiid has to do is kick it out to a wide open shooter. I’d rather see Embiid hurt the Celtics in the post than the 76ers (who can’t shoot) start to get hot from wide open threes.

Overall, The Celtics have dominated the 76ers in the past. Before the Smart foul, the C’s were up 11. Last night’s game was just a lucky come from behind win for the 76ers.

Right now the Celtics team is looking like it may not even get home court advantage in the first round. Am I worried? Well, no. I’m going to believe in Kyrie Irving and hope he can step up as a leader down the stretch.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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