The Celtics Playoffs Defense Has Been Great…And It Can Get BETTER

Defense wins championships. That’s probably an expression you’ve heard in sports on numerous occasions. It is true, defense can bring home championships to any respective city. For the Boston Celtics, their defense in the playoffs has been a lot better than their regular season defense. But the scary part is that it can be even better.

The Celtics have now held the Bucks to under 100 points twice in a row. That’s pretty incredible to think about. Also, look at the second quarter. The Celtics were giving the Bucks some WIDE open looks. Nikola Mirotic had a stretch where he was getting off his shot, and making a lot of them as well. If the Boston Celtics want to leave Milwaukee with 2 wins, they need to step up the defensive intensity just a little bit more.

In Conclusion

This is a big game tonight for the Celtics if they want to seriously consider winning this series. We’ve seen teams go up 1-0 in past series (Brooklyn over Philadelphia, Orlando over Toronto) and then lose 4 straight. Obviously, the Celtics are different as they have more depth and are just much better. However, the defense has been very good in these playoffs. Now just imagine how much better they can actually get! If you need something to get you to 8:00 pm EST, here are some Al Horford highlights from game 1.

Let’s go Celtics!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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