Chris Sale Needs To WAKE THE HECK UP

Listen, I LOVE Chris Sale. I was happy with the Red Sox trading for him prior to the start of the 2017 season. Also, I was happy when he was putting up video game like numbers in his first two seasons in Boston. Everybody in Boston was happy for Sale when he signed his new contract before this season started. What people aren’t happy about is Sale’s production so far this season. Chris Sale NEEDS to wake up and it better happen quickly.

He Is The Only Starter To Not Win A Game

Sale has not won a start yet this season. He has had some bad luck with fielding errors, bad days for the starting lineup behind him, etc. It is not like Sale to be this lost when he is on the mound. Just to put it into perspective, let’s look at Sale and a few other notable MLB pitcher’s ERAs’ shall we?

Not a good look for Sale right there! He hasn’t given the Red Sox a chance to win in a majority of his starts this season. It is weird to think that Red Sox fans go into Chris Sale starts, thinking they will lose. What a world we are living in!

He’s Pitching Like David Price Did When He Arrived In 2016

We all know how bad David Price’s first season in Boston went. His first six starts looked very similar to Sale’s start of the 2019 season. A high 6 to 7 ERA and not being able to put hitters away. It is good to see David Price having Chris Sale’s back in this tough time during Sale’s career. Ultimately though, it is on Sale to make the adjustments on the mound.

In Conclusion

Sale needs to figure it out and quick. It is great that he is holding himself accountable for his crappy start to the season.

Enough is enough though. Chris Sale needs to make some sort of adjustment. Even if he makes a phantom I.L. appearance, do whatever it takes to get back to the old Chris Sale. Quite frankly, this Chris Sale clone stinks out loud.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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