The Celtics NEED To Win Game 5

The C’s have just been awful the past two games and the series is now tied at 2 games apiece. I saw this coming for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the Celtics really have not been playing well against the Wizards. If you stop and look at the first four games of the series, you would see that the Celtics should only have one win. The Wizards really just blew the first game of the series when they let the Celtics come back after being up by 16 points!  Then the Wizards pretty much did the same thing in the second game, plus IT went off for 51 points. The second reason is that the Celtics have trouble staying hot as a team. They play well for a few games in a row and then they tend to crash and burn.

I predicted Celtics to win  in 7 before the series started, and I am sticking with that prediction. For that to come true, the Celtics NEED to win game 5 at home. The Wizards seem to be tough to beat at home so the Celtics need to win their home games.

You know the Wizards are really going to press IT, and just hope that the rest of the team does not hit their shots. That is really the key to taking down the C’s. Limit IT to 20 points, and you have a great shot at beating them. The X factor for this Celtics team needs to be Jae Crowder. When Crowder is on point, it is a beautiful thing to watch. He can play decent defense and he has the capability to knock down big shots. Plus if the Celtics do end up advancing to the next round you will most likely see Crowder guarding LeBron. The Celtics have to play very efficient from top to bottom in order to close out this series. The Wizards are a bigger stronger team, so the C’s have to outsmart them.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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