The Celtics Looked Strong Last Night But Can They Continue It?

Last night, the Celtics destroyed the Raptors 122-100 in what should have been a highly anticipated game between the 2 and 3 seed.  Jaylen Brown led all scorers with 20 points.  But can the Celtics continue playing this good?

Celtics fans have said it all year, this team will get as far as their core starters and Smart can take them.  Because the bench is absolutely horrible and it shows in every game they play a team with a good bench.  Take the Heat game for example, the Celtics had no answer for the Heat’s depth and were battling mismatch after mismatch.  Luckily Toronto didn’t show up last night and the Celtics were able to get a game on them for the 2 seed.  But this isn’t the last time we’ll see Toronto and Boston face off, and when push comes to a 7 game series this bench needs to perform.

Thankfully they did last night and look what happens… a 22 point win.  But then there are nights were the Semi (worst player on the team by a mile) comes in and feels the need to take 12 shots *insert wide eye emoji*  But the positive from last night were Wanamaker with 15 points and even though I just bashed him, but Semi with 11 on a very good night shooting (4-6).  But the truth is that just doesn’t happen in 90% of the Celtics games.

Their bench is weak and it will ultimately be the reason this team doesn’t win a championship this season.  I think they still can and if Gordon is going to be playing the way he’s been then everyone else needs to step up and help this guy out.  As much as I think Brown is overrated, he has been the Celtics 1B player since coming to Orlando (behind Hayward).  But they need the bench to help out on a consistent basis and until they do that I’m not sure they can reach the end.

-John (Uncle_Mac4)


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