The Celtics Can Make A BIG Statement Wednesday Night

Halloween is vastly approaching fast and the Celtics are looking to “spook” a few critics. The Celtics are currently 2-1 as they wait for a Wednesday night matchup in the Garden against the Milwaukee Bucks. As we all know, the Bucks knocked the Celtics out of the playoffs last season. This began the big overhaul of the Celtics, while losing players such as Al Horford and Kyrie Irving. But this season, things just feel different. This team is currently playing looser, more under control, and together. With the Bucks coming into town on Wednesday night, the Celtics can make a HUGE statement. Here are a few tidbits to look at as we get closer to Wednesday night.

The Bucks Are Perennial Eastern Conference Favorites

We know just how good the Bucks are on paper. They have a superstar in Giannis Antetokounmpo. There’s a good surrounding cast in guys like Eric Bledsoe and Khris Middleton. They even went out and added shooters, like Kyle Korver. The Bucks are expected to take a jump this year. According to many, they should be one of the best teams in the East. This will be quite the challenge early in the season for the Celtics. The Bucks have length, size, and good shooters. Usually, that bodes well for most teams.

Kemba Walker Needs To Start Being “Cardiac Kemba”

Kemba Walker had his first 30 point game as a Celtic Saturday night against the Knicks. We all see that Kemba has had some shooting struggles early on in the season. But, do not fret Celtics fans! If we can get another glimpse of “Cardiac Kemba” in the fourth, then this will be a good sign for things to come all season long. Walker is an elite level point guard playing in a great system under a terrific head coach. He is only going to get better as the season goes along. Something tells me that Kemba is going to have himself a night against the Bucks!

The Team’s Chemistry Continues To Grow

Basketball is a team game. This Celtics team is just that, a TEAM. Marcus Smart says it perfectly in the above quote. Everybody is happy, laughing, and having fun. Did we see this at all last season? BUDDY, let me tell you something. They did NOT! I’m a firm believer in team chemistry being very important when it comes to success. This Celtics team can hold their own against the Bucks. Personally, I think they can be the better team when it all comes together.

In Conclusion

This is going to be a fun game for the Celtics. If the Celtics pull off a win, they have a great chance to start their season with an 8-2 or even 9-1 record. The Celtics schedule after Milwaukee is as follows: Knicks, @Cavs, @Hornets, @Spurs, Mavericks, Wizards. We all want this Celtics team to be special this season. What better way to start off a special season with a win against a team people have counted you out against?

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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