Bill Belichick Gets Win Number 300

Yesterday with a 27-13 win over the Cleveland Browns, Bill Belichick won his 300th game as the head coach of a NFL team. And honestly, it was a great coaching win that showed why he has consistently been the best coach in the league for years.

First though, lets start with Belichick’s first win. In one of the best full circle moments in football history, Bill’s first win actually also came in Foxboro, Massachusetts. However, it was the Cleveland Browns he was coaching and the New England Patriots he was beating in as shut out victory. This win came in 1991 and the Patriots looked a whole lot different.

It was three years before Robert Kraft bought the team, Tom Brady was a freshman in high school and just beginning to learn how to play football and the rookie coach that the fans (however little there were) were watching beat them probably wasn’t thinking that he’d end up winning six Super Bowls with the opposing team.

But luckily for us, Bill Belichick would end up winning the vast majority of those wins with the Patriots.

In 2019, Belichick is doing double duty as a coach, as he now is taking over as the defensive coach as well as handling his head coach duties. But if you think that he may have too much on his plate to focus on doing that, you’d be wrong. Because the Patriots are still undefeated and now have the best defense in the league and arguably one of the best ones in NFL history so far.

And they showed up to help their coach get his 300th win, holding the Browns to only one touchdown and forcing turnovers on three consecutive snaps. Though there were some mistakes and their ability to stop the run needs some work, Belichick’s defense once again showed how great of a coach he is and why he’s only one of three coaches to hit this milestone in the history of the NFL.

But if you think that Bill will be taking the time to celebrate this win, you’d probably be wrong. Because if we know anything about him, as soon as this game was over, he probably went right to work preparing for the Patriot’s hardest stretch of schedule that is coming up now.

Sure, he should be proud of this accomplishment but we’re on to Baltimore.

~Mary Evers (@For_Evers_Young) 


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