The Celtics Can Learn A Thing Or Two From The Bruins

Boston teams are awesome! If you aren’t a Boston sports fan, then you’re missing out on something special. Obviously, there were the Red Sox and Patriots winning their respective championships. The Celtics ultimately lost in the second round of their playoff run last week. Last night, the Bruins finished off the Carolina Hurricanes to advance to their 3rd Stanley Cup Final since 2011. The big thing here is that the Celtics can learn a thing or two from this Boston Bruins team.

The Bruins Have Been Hungry All Season

The Bruins have been hungry all season for their chance at the Stanley Cup, and now they’re getting it. At times, it seemed like the Celtics just didn’t care about playing good basketball or about putting themselves in a position to be successful in the playoffs. Once the Bruins got ahead, they were able to finish off teams because they wanted those games more. The Celtics just couldn’t figure out how to get that “killer mentality” and finish off teams when they needed to do so. If the Celtics want an example of this from the Bruins, then here they go!

The Bruins Star Players Had The Right Attitudes All Season

The Bruins had the right mentality and said all of the right things every step of the way. They didn’t give into the media frenzy. They didn’t sulk when things looked bleak toward the beginning of the season. They stuck with their system and look where they are now. Of course, everyone who’s a Celtics fan like I am cannot help but be aggravated with the way Kyrie Irving handled himself the whole season. Take notes, Kyrie.

Those are leaders if I’ve ever seen them.

The Bruins Had A Little Bit Of Luck

Obviously, a few bounces have to go a team’s way for them to make a postseason run. The Bruins lucked out by playing Columbus and Carolina as opposed to Tampa Bay or Washington. Could the Bruins have beaten Tampa Bay or Washington? Sure! Would they have? That’s a mystery that will be left unsolved. The Bruins have things going their way this postseason. The Celtics had to deal with the Bucks who were playing well all regular season. Even after a game 1 loss, the Bucks responded and made necessary adjustments to take the next 4 from the Celtics. What can you do there?

In Conclusion

The Celtics staff/players should be taking notes from the Bruins right now. They are the only Boston team who did not make their respective championship game/series. If/when the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, the Celtics will have a lot of pressure on them and will be known as the team that ruined the “Boston Slam”. It sounds so spoiled, but I only preach the truth here.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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