The Carousel Ride Is Coming To An End

It seems like the ride is almost over. The NFL coaching carousel ride is almost over. With only two (technically three) spots open, it’s time to see who these new head coaches will be picking to join their coaching staff. But, do all these hires makes sense? For the most part it’s tough to say that when a team hasn’t played a game. But, there are some that right away will make an impact before a snap even happens. So what team’s should be in good shape and which team’s made bad hires?

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars were the first team to hop off the carousel and hire Urban Meyer. Urban Meyer is one of the most successful head coaches in college football history. Now, he’s taking the leap to the NFL. Meyer will instantly bring a winning culture to the Jaguars. The Jaguars only had one season in which they weren’t terrible. Meyer will look to replicate that season, but will want to reach the Super Bowl, something the Jagaurs failed to do in 2017. Jacksonville has the number one pick and is expected to take Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Meyer has a history with succeeding with young quarterbacks. This hire will be a homerun for Jacksonville.

New York Jets

This is the best hire (so far). The Jets couldn’t even tank for Trevor correctly. After another disappointing season, it was time for a change. The Jets went out and got one of the best candidates in Robert Saleh. This isn’t about offense, this isnt about defense. This is about leadership. There hasn’t been a leader in the Jets locker room since Rex Ryan. Saleh has been the defensive coordinator for the 49ers since 2017. There he brought explosive leadership and was the architect for one of the best defenses during his time in San Francisco. The Jets defense will improve, and so will the team in general. Believe it or not, watch out for the Jets next year.

Atlanta Falcons

This hiring is very questionable. Fitting since Atlanta is a very questionable team. Arthur Smith was the offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans before becoming the head coach of the Falcons. Yes, what Smith was able to do in Tennessee was great, but can he now replicate his success with a new team. Obviously he turned Derrick Henry into the best running back in the NFL and made Ryan Tannehill relevant again, but it’ll be a different story in Atlanta. Julio Jones is already great, and Matt Ryan is only a few years away from retirement. He’ll have to rely on whoever his defensive coordinator will be to fix that defense. Ironically, a big question is at the running back position. Can Smith turn whoever will be the running back of the Falcons elite? We’ll have to wait and see.

Los Angeles Chargers

This is probably going to end up being one of the worst hires. The Chargers have a quarterback who will most likely be offensive rookie of the year. An offensive minded coach would have made sense here. Yes, the Chargers defense needs work as well, but wouldn’t you want a coach that could help develop Justin Herbert into a top quarterback in the league? Yes, there is a saying that defense wins championships, but a team needs offense to reach a championship. Out of all the coahces that are hired this year, Brandon Staley could be the first to be fired.

Unofficial hiring

Now this will be the worst hiring. Dan Campbell has very little head coaching experience. Campbell’s only experience was being the interim coach of the Miami Dolphins going 5-7. He’s been with the Saints since 2016, where ever since Jimmy Graham left, the tight end position hasn’t been great. In fact, Jared Cook cost the game for the Saints this past Sunday by having poor ball protection. Having poor protection is a sign of poor coaching. Detroit will continue to be one of the worst teams in the NFL if they hire Campbell.

Houston and Philadelphia

The Eagles and Texans are the last two teams without a coach. Houston is just a giant dumpster fire of an organization and there’s a chance they promote from within or hire someone who just wants to coach.

Yikes. Nobody wants to go to Houston. With Deshaun Watson wanting out, and JJ Watt being unhappy, Houston you have a problem. Whoever becomes the head coach there, good luck. The Eagles on the other hand have interviewed Josh McDaniels and have liked him. They also have interviewed Todd Bowles. However, it appears it might be awhile until we hear from either team who the head coach will be. One name to keep an eye on is Eric Bieniemy, the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. Will he finally get a head coaching gig that he deserves? We’ll have to wait and see.

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