The Brady Watch Continues

As the off-season continues for the New England Patriots, the NFL football world continues to wait on whether Tom Brady will be in a New England Patriot uniform or not by the start of next season.

It was reported earlier in the week by Adam Schefter that the Patriots want an early answer from Brady before he hits free agency.

The situation that keeps heating up and it feels like the answer is coming soon rather than later. It will be a sad day in New England if Tom Brady decides to make a change. It wouldn’t feel right seeing Brady in another jersey and potentially leading them to the top.

The scenario has to be one of the hottest stories in NFL history. I cannot see Brady deciding to go to another team. But, realistically, he has four possible options he could choose.  The Los Angeles Chargers have a good receiving core but would need to revamp their offensive line. The Oakland Raiders, soon to be Las Vegas, showed last season they can compete with the good teams in the NFL. Adding Brady would be significant for them. The Tennessee Titans, who just reached the AFC Championship as a sixth seed, would either have to trust the process with Ryan Tannehill or make the big move and sign Brady. The final option would be staying in New England. As most know, Brady wants a multi-year deal.

I really cannot predict what’s going to happen with Brady. Every day, there is a different story or opinion on what Brady and Patriots are going to do this off-season. I cannot wait until the answer from both sides come out, and hopefully, it results in Brady staying in New England.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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