Kobe Bryant Dead At Age 41

I’m not going to lie here. I didn’t think I’d be writing this article at this particular moment of time. But, here we are…I guess. Kobe Bryant was pronounced dead today at the age of 41.

No, that’s not a misprint either. Bryant is dead after a helicopter crash resulted in his death, his daughter Gianna’s death, along with several others. It was speculated that the helicopter was taking several families, including Kobe and Gianna, to a travel basketball game. The details are still coming in, so we’ll focus on just how much Kobe meant to people.

Kobe’s Legacy

Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the top 15 NBA players of all time. The way he led the Lakers to multiple titles is astonishing. His work ethic? That was second to none as well. Sure, Kobe wasn’t perfect on and off of the court. But, he will never be forgotten throughout the NBA community. We have teams taken 24 and 8 second violations in his honor tonight.

That’s how much he’s meant to this game. This is an entire community in mourning for one man that made it special to watch the NBA. When you took a fadeaway, what’s the first name you’d yell out? “Kobe!” Imagine being that popular to have your name referenced in everyday life? That’s just a snippet of how Kobe’s legacy will live on.

People’s Reactions

You get the point by now. Kobe meant so much to personalities everywhere. I could probably fill up this article with people’s reactions, that’s how much people loved what he did on the court.

In Conclusion

This is truly one of the more sad days in the sports world. We lost a legend, and at the young age of 42. Kobe was going to be a great mentor to so many young players coming into the NBA. And now? That opportunity has run out of time. RIP Kobe, you will be missed!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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