The Brady/Manning Rivalry Lives On

As part of The Match: Champions for Charity, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning took their rivalry to the golf course on Sunday afternoon while accompanied by Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. The pairs tournament took place in sunny Florida at Medalist Golf Club. The tournament was delayed nearly an hour due to weather, leave the delays to baseball, come on guys! A top thing that I learned while watching, leave golf to the pros. The pair of QB’s had their fair share of shots that sliced into the woods or landed in various hazards. 

The goal of the tournament was to raise money for coronavirus relief. I think that it’s safe to say that they were able to raise more than they imagined with a final tally of $20 million dollars raised. 

The Pairings

Manning finally got 1-up on Brady as he and Woods proved to be victorious after 18. Manning has had a few years to prepare for a golf outing – and was also paired with one of the greatest that Golf has ever seen play in Woods. The match to be a leave a bitter taste in Brady’s mouth as we’ve all seen the Brady-Manning saga play out 17 times prior, with Brady collecting 11 wins.  The trash talk between the competitors, and color commentators, was better than the actual golf being played. There were a few lucky shots in for Brady along the way, especially on the 7th hole. Charles Barkley was tormenting the future Hall of Famer for his bad play and in one swing of the club, Barkley was told to eat his words.

More Incredible Outtakes

Brady calling Manning a “Dome Quarterback”

This should make any football fan chuckle.

Brady splitting his pants like his name was Spongebob Squarepants

After the wardrobe malfunction, Brady got some new pants, which I would assume to be courtesy of Under Armor. Brady took to Twitter after the challenge was finished and came back with some jokes.

Brady: “The Eagles still make me cringe”

This doesn’t surprise me in the least, in an episode of the Facebook series “Tom vs Time,” the 42-year-old QB said that losing to Eli Manning the first time still hurts and that he’ll never let go of those losses.

Peyton Talks Caddy Choices

Now the tournament didn’t have any caddy’s and each golfer drove their own cart to comply with social distancing, however, Manning had some choices at his hands and he had a great selection. If they were allowed, he should have gone with Eli, hands down. Peyton’s own brother is Tom Brady’s kryptonite.

Mickelson and Brady have a socially distant high five after putt

After nailing a pretty putt in the back nine the duo almost committed a felony, okay not a felony in the state of Florida, but almost broke social distancing and high fived each other. They stopped themselves from temptation and had a nice “air five” if you will. Something Brady has gotten himself used to during his time in New England. 

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-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

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