The Boston Celtics Have Hired….

Today, we received a tweet from Boston Celtics insider/analysis Marc D’Amico that we could possibly know who the next Celtics Head Coach is.

D’Amico’s big give away is that this coach is most likely from the 2008 Championship team.  Which, if you look at the roster, the obvious answer is Sam Cassell.  Cassell began his coaching career in 2009 when he was named the assistant coach of the Washington Wizards.  After the Wizards, he followed Doc Rivers to both the Clippers and the 76ers.

In my opinion, Cassell is the right pick. The Celtics need a player coach and Cassell is exactly that.  Not to mention, he also has been with Doc Rivers since 2014 and has learned the ins and outs of the NBA as a player and now as an established coach.  I think Cassell is also the pick the city wants as well.  I loved when Cassell played on the Celtics.  He had massive balls and played tougher than any other player I have ever seen wear a Celtics jersey.  Playing hard and tough is exactly what the Celtics need to instill in themselves.  Brad Stevens couldn’t get them to play with heart, so bring in someone who always played with heart.  It’s a perfect pick!

If it is Cassell, I am curious to see who he adds to his staff.  I hope they keep Evan Turner, but I would also love to see KG play a consultant role for this team.  I think having him and Cassell could bring Tatum and Brown to that next level.  Not to mention, it would make Smart a much smarter player.

I hope D’Amico is right and we see Sam Cassell named as the next Boston Celtics coach tomorrow.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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