The Boston Bruins Playoff Hype Video Will Be Responsible For Walls Being Destroyed Around the City

Hockey playoff season is here so it’s time to buckle up. The Boston Bruins have been one of the top teams in hockey all season long and when the B’s are playing great, you can feel it in the city.

I’ve always said that when the Bruins are a contending team for the cup, Boston is a hockey town first and foremost from mid-April to June. It doesn’t get the love that it used to anymore, but out of the four sports, B’s fans are unlike any other. They’re insane and they’re rabid. None of this wine and cheese crowd that you get at Patriots games. The TD Garden is ROCKING during Bruins postseason games and the day leading up to game 1 is always anxiety ridden.

And what does every team in the playoffs need if you want to win? A hype video. And my God, did the Bruins deliver this morning.


Get me a football helmet and a sledgehammer because I’m ready to wreck some walls. There’s something different about this Bruins team and I truly mean that. Last year when they were in the playoffs, you knew it was going to be tough for them to make it to the Stanley Cup Final. They were banged up and just not at the peak of their game when they lost to Tampa Bay.

But this year? It just feels different. Much different. The vibe through the locker room is just straight up love and admiration for each other. These guys bleed for each other and legitimately fight for each other. The talent on the roster, while the depth might not be there top to bottom, is dominant. I would take the Bruins first line over anybody’s in the NHL.

Feed me more of these hype videos because my God did it get me all sorts of jacked up for playoff hockey.

I’m a baseball guy first and foremost. But there is nothing better than playoff hockey. Nothing. Out of the four major sports, it’s by far the best postseason. By far. The game gets so much faster and every goal means so much more. I mean hell, last night’s game between Tampa Bay and Columbus, holy hell. Is that what we’re going to get this entire series?

Get ready. I know the Bruins have had a pretty good grip on Toronto this season, but this should be one hell of a series that has the potential to go seven easily.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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