The Big-10 Bent The Knee To Ohio State

Today, the Big-10 officially pulled the biggest bitch move all college football season and bent the knee to Ohio State.

So, the 5-0 Ohio State Buckeyes will be playing the 5-1 Northwestern Cats in the Big-10 title game.  This comes legit after Michigan cancelled on OSU and most Big-10 schools put a hold on football this season.  So, it looks like the CFP are made up if OSU wins.  I personally don’t think they should be allowed in the playoffs.  I have no idea how you can reward a team who only played 6 games over a team like Florida, A&M, or Cincinnati who played a full schedule.  But this is the CFP Committee once again pushing an agenda and rewarding the power 5 conferences.

But the big thing here is the Big-10 blatantly changing their rules that they have had from the beginning to benefit OSU.  I mean good for OSU.  You have to do what you have to do to get into the playoff and if the Big-10 is going to deliberately give you that chance then you have to be happy and take it.  But you can’t tell me the Big-10 is a strongly ran conference with great leadership.  Because remember this is a conference who thought they were all big and brave for cancelling the season and then got bullied, legit bullied, by 18-22 year olds to play a season.  This is the same conference who said the ACC, SEC, and Big-12 were all stupid for playing and honestly, they haven’t had a COVID problem that the Big-10 is having.

So if OSU wins, you can bet your ass the committee will put them in.  The only way I can see them out is if Clemson and Florida win.  Which then it would be an SEC-ACC playoff.  Which I would be fine with it.  I think Alabama and ND are locks, even if they lose.  Clemson needs to win and they are in and same goes for Florida.  But, if the committee agrees with the general population and leaves OSU out.  I wouldn’t mind seeing an Alabama, ND, A&M, and Cincinnati in the playoff.  Overall, the Big-10 looked weak today and they should be ashamed.

John (Uncle_mac4)

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