Who are the Benintendi trade Prospects to be Named Later?

With the recent demotion of outfielder Franchy Cordero, Red Sox fans are already declaring the February trade that shipped out Andrew Benintendi to the Royals and brought Cordero to the team a loss, forgetting that we received four other players in the deal, one being Josh Winckowski, who is 2-0 with a 1.33 ERA in 5 starts for Portland. But setting Winckowski’s successes aside, we’re still getting 3 more players! With one due from the Mets by June 4th and two more coming from the Royals, let’s see who the Sox could possibly get from the two teams:

New York Mets Possible Prospects:

After receiving Khalil Lee from the Royals (who immediately became the team’s #7 prospect), it seems that the player to be coming from the Mets’ farm system will be the highest rated of the three. As Winckowski current slots in at number 32 on the Red Sox prospects list according to SoxProspects.com, I think it’s possible we receive someone on the lower end of the Mets top 30 prospect list.

That part of the list is full of RHP prospects, which may serve Red Sox well in receiving one of the many. I would also expect the Sox to go after one of the younger prospects so they can develop them themselves. My thought is that they try to take #21 prospect Jordany Ventura or #28 prospect Joander Suarez, but if that’s too much for the Mets #26 prospect Michel Otanez should be more palatable, given he’s a little older than the other two. Suarez has the best grades on his pitches, but he and Otanez have not started out well so far this season, though. Ventura is the most likely play, in my opinion.

Kansas City Royals Possible Prospects:

This is a little harder to project. Given the success of Benintendi and failures I’d Cordero at this point in the season, the Red Sox might try to take some higher prospects from the Royals, but given they gave up Lee in the trade that might be less likely.

From my perusal of Soxprospects.com, the team could use some depth at middle infield. The Royals #48 prospect Omar Florentino might be able to provide that. Florentino is young with a lot of talent, but he hasn’t had much pro exposure yet. They could also get deeper in center field with Jarren Duran expected to crack the big leagues this year and grab prospect John Rave. According to Royalsfarmreport.com (who also ranked Florentino at #48), Rave is “toolsy” but hasn’t shown consistent hitting in order to crack their top 50. Perhaps the Red Sox would be willing to take on a project like that.

Regardless, Wait and See:

We’ll find out by the end of this week who the Mets will be sending over to the Sox’s farm, and reports say the Royals prospects won’t be too farm behind (though we don’t know the official date for that). Who knows who the players will end up being, but I’ve got a feeling it will be players that will make the Benintendi trade much more worthwhile.

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