The Baltimore Ravens Are the Scariest Team in the AFC

The Baltimore Ravens started the year 4-5 before turning over to their rookie quarterback, Lamar Jackson, who has really taken this team to the next level. Since becoming the starting quarterback, the Ravens are 5-1 and are currently holding the top spot in the AFC North. With a win Sunday, the team will be division champions and will hold the fourth seed in the AFC. Lamar Jackson isn’t your ordinary quarterback. He is more effective with his legs rather than his arm. For the last six weeks, he has given defenses nightmares with the plays he has been making. Despite having one of the top defenses in the NFL, Lamar Jackson is truly the number one reason on why teams do not want to see the Ravens during their playoff run.

     Lamar Jackson has thrown six touchdown passes with having only three intercepted. He has added 605 yards on the ground along with three rushing touchdowns. The game that stands out, despite a loss, is the game at Kansas City. If it wasn’t for Pat Mahomes throwing across his body on fourth and seven, Lamar Jackson could have been 6-0 in his young NFL career. The point is that, this team can travel into any stadium, at any time, and pull off the win. They have proven in the past and like safety Eric Weddle said, “No one wants to see us.”

     The Baltimore Ravens have one of the top ranked defenses in the NFL along with one the most balanced offenses. They are a complete team that just got going at the right time. If Lamar Jackson continues to play at this rate and the defense can continue to give opposing quarterbacks trouble, I can’t see why not this team could potentially compete for the Super Bowl. The team has already beaten the Los Angeles Chargers on the road and that could be their first-round match up. Then with the way New England has looked over the past few weeks, this team should have no reason to fear going into Foxboro. Also, the Ravens know they can compete against the Kansas City Chiefs and believe they could go into Arrowhead to pull off an upset. Don’t be surprise if you see the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl this year because you can make legit argument that they are the best team in the AFC.

-Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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